Essential Oil: CBD 20% (10ml) - Full Spectrum
Founded in 2019 and Associate Producer since December 2020 on a 12,2-hectare Swiss family farm, which respects organic farming methods, CBD Product controls and selects for us its best harvests from Swiss organic crops, to guarantee you...
Essential Oil: CBD 20% (10ml) - Broad Spectrum
The Green Label 20% is intended for amateur athletes in search of performance. Its high level of CBD reduces muscle soreness and the risk of injury. You can do training and competitions more easily. Reduces the risk of injury; Improves the quality of your sleep; Decreases...
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Essential Oil: CBD 10% (10ml) - Broad Spectrum
The 10% Green Label is intended for active people and amateur athletes looking for a better lifestyle. Its CBD level helps you reduce stress and improve your sleep. A boost to start your day! Reduces your stress and your ...
Essential Oil: CBD 30% (10ml) - Broad Spectrum
The Premium Label 30% and a concentrate of pure cannabidiol for optimal performance and recovery. It is intended for amateur or professional athletes who train every day at high intensity. It helps to improve your performance, and exceed your goals....
CBD Oil 5% (10ml) - Dog & Cat
Our CBD Oil offers your dog or cat all the soothing benefits of organic, broad-spectrum CBD, in a delicious salmon flavor!Wellness Benefits: Engage your pet's endocannabinoid system Soothing: Gently relaxes...
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