Honey Stick (20g)
20g Breton honey sticks. Convenient to carry, the 20g honey sticks are extra flat and easily find their place in the small pocket of shorts for a road race, or in a belt /...
Raw Energy Bar (30g) - Hazelnuts, Honey & Chia Seeds
These bars, handcrafted in Brittany, are a concentrate of energy, derived from French raw materials. High digestibility, Optimized Glycemia, Plant-based packaging is made in France and 100% compostable These bars are the result of a collaboration with a marathon pastry chef, attached...
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Sports Cake Ready to Eat (150g) - Gingerbread style
The sports cake, concentrated in natural energy. Ready to eat, with natural and French raw materials. High energy intake, High digestibility, Optimized Glycemia, without additives or preservatives As Bretons, they want to promote local raw materials, in the tradition...
Propolis & Honey Spray (20ml)
  During more advanced training, as we know, the body is tired, sometimes even weakened; because heavily involved. Propolis, the other treasure of the hive is a set of resinous substances collected by bees from trees to...
Apiwraps - 3x pack
Apiwraps or beewaxwraps... Ideal for packaging your daily food and transporting pieces of gingerbread, dried fruit, etc. on trails, hikes, or Nordic walking. These packages are malleable and keep food fresh. 3 sizes in...
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