Be-Munitas Magnum (30 Capsules)
Clearance product, while supplies last. 60 billion lactic ferments - 9 strains. Very high concentration of good bacteria! And the 9 exclusive strains of these lactic ferments, carefully selected by their experts, resist acidity without any problem...
33.99€ 23.79€
Artichoke 2400 BIO (90 Capsules)
Clearance product, while supplies last. Highly concentrated organic extract. The protective detox ally. Engorged liver, sluggish intestines, diet too rich in fat... The time has come to call on the natural properties of the artichoke. Rich in active molecules...
16.50€ 11.55€
Antioxidant (60 Capsules)
Clearance product, while supplies last. Be-Life Antioxidant helps fight against oxidative stress which accelerates cell aging. This formula brings together several powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, and...
18.99€ 13.29€
Sold out
Mineral Vit Magnum (60 Capsules)
Clearance product, while supplies last. Complex of 26 plants, minerals and vitaminsPeriods of fatigue 26 plants, minerals and vitamins to energize your days With this unique synergy created by the Bio-Life laboratory, you have strong...
18.99€ 13.29€
500 BIO Spirulina (500 Tabs)
  How about recharging the batteries? You follow the training sessions, you are out for injury… or you recover less quickly because the age advances ;-)? We have selected this recipe for you to recharge your protein, ...
Turmeric Magnum 3200 BIO + Piperine (60 Capsules)
   Joints - Digestion - Anti-oxidant - Anti-Inflammation The effectiveness of real Indian turmeric Does your digestion need a little stimulant? Are your joints strained? Take inspiration from the centuries-old oriental method by trusting turmeric, a plant whose ...
Magnesium Quatro 900 (60 Capsules)
  Energy - Anti-fatigue A unique formula bringing together three complementary magnesium salts: All Be-Life magnesium products offer this mineral in the form of highly assimilable salts. Magnesium Quatro 900 is composed of three different magnesium salts, which has the advantage of offering ...
Fe (Iron + Vit B9 - B12) (60 Capsules)
  Iron, Vitamins B9 and B12 help build blood and reduce fatigue. The importance of iron for our body is linked to its action in the construction and renewal of blood. When is it necessary ...
HydraFlex (60 Capsules)
  Collagen - Hyaluronic acidLubrication of the joints Correct your joints Ensure your joint comfort thanks to the HydraFlex complex which puts on a powerful synergy between various 100% natural ingredients: type 2 collagen for the strengthening of the cartilage, ...
Omega 3 Magnum (60 Capsules)
Help your cardiovascular system It is now recognized that Omega 3 have an essential function in the structuring of our body, particularly at the cardiac level and the health of blood circulation. We have selected this formula for its contribution to...
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