Adult Pocket Toilet - 10 Disposable Toilet Pads
10 Disposable WC Protectors Millions of women suffer from urinary leakage from restraining themselves or without sitting down for fear of contact with dirty toilets Protection against germs in public toilets Adapts to all sizes ...
WC Pocket Kids - 10 Disposable WC Protectors
Clearance product, while supplies last. 10 Disposable Toilet Protectors 1 child in 3 refuses to go to the toilet at school and holds back all day for fear of sitting on dirty toilets. Protection against germs from...
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WC Pocket - Toilet paper to take away
Toilet paper to take away Paper 100% biodegradable ULTRA-Resistant Suitable for septic tanks 30 uses approximately Available colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink
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