Maurten - TheFuelGuide - Free
This guide will introduce you to the training protocols designed by Maurten with the Swedish brand's ELITES and PRO partners.  
E-BOOK: Understanding the structure of TRAIL RUNNING training by Ugo Ferrari and Nicolas Martin
Downloadable 92-page PDF Buy it and enjoy it straight away! Following the publications, on his Patreon (, of training articles specific to Trail, by Nicolas Martin, a great enthusiasm was born among readers. Ugo and Nicolas therefore decided to add ...
If you're tackling a marathon, you've no doubt trained hard for months to be in top shape and ready to line up for those 42 kilometers. One of the essential pieces is now your...
This ATLET guide gives you the opportunity to prepare your shopping in the best possible way with 100% organic products. 5 nutrition plans are available in this free downloadable PDF. 1. HALF MARATHON & SHORT TRAIL2. TRIATHLON IRONMAN3. TRIATHLON HALF-IRONMAN4. ULTRA...
APURNA - Tips & Nutrition Guide - Free
This "Tips & Nutrition" guide from Apurna contains nutrition plans for over 25 different sports. From marathon to Ultra-Trail, from cycling to swimming, from athletics to team sports, including winter sports, climbing, gymnastics...
Organic Silicon Discovery Guide - Free
This guide will present to you the foundations necessary to understand the benefits of Silicon for the body of the athlete. New generation organic silicon. A drinkable food supplement. Formulation patented by Soles Mundi; Natural preservative: grapefruit seed oil; Molecule...
E-BOOK + BAOUW PACK: Understanding the structure of TRAIL RUNNING training by Ugo Ferrari and Nicolas Martin
Discover his e-book and his favorite products in an EXCLUSIVE pack. FREE DELIVERY with the code UGOPACK This pack contains: PDF of 92 downloadable pages (the link will be sent to you after payment) 4 * Organic Energy Purée (63g) ...
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