• Racing nutrition 2023, by Laura Van Vooren (FR & NE version)

    Racing nutrition 2023, by Laura Van Vooren (FR & NE version)
    (Dutch version available below - Nederlandse versie hieronder beschikbaar) 2023 was the first year I ran long races in the mountains, and therefore the first year I spent more than 9 hours on the trails. In June I had the 90 km of Mont Blanc on my program. I knew in advance that I couldn't do this race with gels...
  • FRSEL ... An event like no other!

    FRSEL ... An event like no other!
    This Thursday, November 15, the interprovincial cross country of the primary and secondary section took place in Monceau-sur-Sambre in Belgium, and we were there. It was an opportunity for us to go back to childhood and relive a little of the joy of sport from a very young age. 
  • Stay hydrated...even in winter

    Stay hydrated...even in winter
    Even in cold weather, it is crucial to drink enough. Here are 8 tips for staying hydrated properly in winter! Reduced thirst and anticipated cold. Particular attention must be paid to hydration, especially in winter! In fact, cold temperatures delay the onset of the feeling of thirst and we often forget to drink. We therefore risk dehydration, which risks increasing our level of fatigue...
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