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Chicken Keema Curry (125g)
An authentic Indian curry made with minced chicken slowly cooked with aromatic spices and curry leaves in a fresh tomato sauce. Served with turmeric rice.Our take on the Indian classicWe spent eighteen months...
Breakfast - Grilled Banana Porridge (125g)
A hearty breakfast of organic oatmeal porridge, served with caramelized banana, coconut, raw cacao nibs and a drizzle of lime juice. Homemade sweet banana porridgeOur oatmeal. ..
Spicy Pork Noodles (105g)
Savory pork and tender broccoli in a spicy Thai-inspired sauce. Served with rice noodles.Thai Inspired NoodlesOur spicy pork noodles are inspired by the sweet and savory flavors of Thailand. We simmer our pork mince with...
Pulled Pork BBQ Sauce (125g)
Oak-smoked, slow-cooked British pork on the bone overnight. Served with traditional barbecue sauce, rice and a tangy red onion relish.★★★★ TGO Magazine, May 2021. "Recommended: Quality Ingredients"A baking favorite...
Chile Con Carne With Rice (135g)
Slow-cooked British beef with fruity ancho and smoked chipotle peppers, red peppers and kidney beans in a hotly spiced tomato sauce. With long-grain rice. A family favorite to prepare in one go...
Beef stew with pearl barley (110g)
Slow cooked British beef with potatoes, celeriac and carrots. Served with pearl barley. A British classicBeef stew is a classic farmhouse dish that contains some of the finest produce from the English fields...
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