Atma - "Connect to your soul" box (6x20x teabags)
We offer you our “Connect to your soul” box with 6 compartments of 20 teabags: 20x Mamsa Shodhana - Sport Recovery Tea 20x Buddhi - Concentration Tea 20x Hima Paka - Sensitive Intestine Tea 20x Shodhana -...
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Mamsa Shodhana - Sport Recovery Tea (20x teabags)
Mamsa Shodhana is an infusion that lowers body temperature to facilitate and accelerate recovery after exercise. It can also be consumed during exercise in very hot weather.Before starting your sport, your muscle is cold and ...
Buddhi - Concentration Tea (20x teabags)
Buddhi is a relaxing and soothing infusion that is ideal for people who demand a lot of their mind (students, researchers, teachers, artists ...) and who need to maintain concentration without tension. Buddhi is made on the basis of a traditional recipe ...
Chandra - Evening Tea (20x teabags)
Best before: 21-10-2024. Clearance product, while supplies last. Floral infusion with sweet notes to fall asleep gently. Taste: Rasa (taste): sweet (sweet), slightly bitter. Guṇa (quality): light. Vīrya (energy): neither heats nor cools. Vipāka (result)...
5.95€ 5.00€
Hima Paka - Sensitive Intestine Tea (20x teabags)
Hima Paka is a gentle infusion that calms the acidity, irritation and bitterness of those with a sensitive digestive system. Digestion will then be more efficient and allow better assimilation of nutrients. Hima Paka lubricates an intestinal membrane ...
5.95€ 4.75€
Virya - Vitality Tea (20x teabags)
Virya revitalizes the body and nourishes its tissues. It remobilizes energy in the body without drawing on its reserves. It is particularly suitable for people recovering from illness, suffering from chronic fatigue or for athletes in the phase of over-training. She is...
Shodhana - Detox Tea (20x teabags)
Shodhana is a synergy of depurative plants for a deep cleansing of toxins and wastes present in our body. In winter, the body slows down and eliminates little waste. It is therefore essential to carry out a detox cure ...
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