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BAOUW - Trail Box

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        Trail runner, trail runner, take advantage of the new Baouw Trail Box designed especially for you! An assortment of Baouw bars and purées most appreciated by trail athletes like Xavier Thévenard. Both fruity and savory, we have pre-selected high-performance, natural products for you to accompany you in races and in training. Guaranteed...

Made in France  vegan-society-label Gluten Free - Gluten Free    Agriculture-bio.png

Traileur, traileuse, take advantage of the new Baouw Trail Box designed especially for you!

An assortment of Baouw bars and purees most appreciated by trail athletes like Xavier Thevenard. Fruity and savory, we have pre-selected products for you efficient and natural to accompany you in the race as in training. Guaranteed without slack or digestion problems!

As a gift : the Baouw 200ml flexible flask worth € 9, refillable with your XXL Baouw puree!

WARNINGS : The Baouw 200ml flexible flasks are currently out of stock, they have been replaced by a Baouw Flexible cup. 

Without added sugars and rich in good lipids, the Baouw bring you long-lasting energy, without slack or spike in blood sugar for unparalleled performance. An energy that is also very digestible, since we have eliminated everything that can disturb your digestion: cereals, gluten, or dairy products.

    This pack contains

    Baouw 200ml flexible flask (free). This flask is ideal for carrying your mashed potatoes during your trail outings. With a capacity of 200ml, you can fill it with your Baouw XXL mash in the most eco-friendly way possible, even with the effort!
    The flask can soak up the color of turmeric when using Timut Sweet Potato-Carrot-Pepper puree (this is an ingredient that colors but the turmeric taste does not stay after washing). Do not clean in the dishwasher (wash the bottle by hand).

    Fruit bars:
    2 Cocoa-Hazelnut-Vanilla Bars, 2 Wild Blueberry-Hazelnut-Fir Bud Bars, 1 Cherry-Almond-Hibiscus Bar, 1 Blackcurrant-Almond-Gentian Bar 
    Salted vegetable bars:
    2 Sweet Potato-Cashew-Curry Bars, 2 Quinoa-Pistachio-Lime Bars, 1 Beetroot-Almond-Espelette Pepper Bar 
    Protein bar
    1 Pumpkin-Apricot-Rosemary Protein Bar 
    Fruity purees
    2 Purees 90g Pear-Apple-Mint, 1 Puree 90g Raspberry-Strawberry-Basil, 1 XXL Puree (330g) Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla
    Salted mash with vegetables
    1 Purée 90g Sweet potato-Carrot-Timut Pepper 
    All products are in the standard format, 25g for bars, 90g for mash and 330g for XXL mash. These are not samples.  

    Usage tips:

    For training (or endurance effort at moderate speed): 1 bar every 1h30 of effort and 1 puree every 30 to 40 minutes of effort In competition (or an intense effort at a brisk pace): 1 bar every 40 minutes of effort and 1 puree every 20 to 30 minutes of effort.

    For recovery: 1 protein bar after exercise (Rich in BCAAs and with a good protein intake, this bar will be ideal for recovering after a big effort) Hydration: water, and that's it! (Avoid energy drinks that would saturate your body) Find all our advice here.

    Storage tips: keep the protein bar away from humidity, between 15 ° and 20 ° degrees.
      As an indication, here are the schedules of our expeditions:
      Colissimo / Mondial Relay: if order before 9:00 am, departure the same day (except Mondial Relay on Monday - no transport)
      GLS at home: if order before 14 p.m. departure the same day

      As an indication, here are the delivery times (hours / working days, after shipment):
      Colissimo: 24h - 48h
      Mondial Relay: 36 - 72h (note Mondial Relay on Monday - no transport)
      GLS at home: BE-LU DE-NL: 24h - 48h - FRANCE: 36h - 72h

      To always serve you better, we negotiate attractive rates with professionals of the transport of goods.

      BAOUW - Trail Box BAOUW - Trail Box
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      Based on 3 opinions

      • Beautiful products only the nutrition advice is in French and that is a pity…can not read this

      • Already tested on 2 marathons, ravito for the 3rd at the end of October.

      • Perfect ! I haven't tested everything yet, but it still meets my expectations. Good products!

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      BAOUW - Trail Box
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