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2023 was the first year I ran long races in the mountains, and therefore the first year I spent 9+ hours on the trails.

In June I had the 90 km of Mont Blanc on my program. I knew in advance that I wouldn't be able to do this race with gels alone, because after a while, I really don't want that anymore. So I tested several products during my long training sessions in the mountains. I rated each product on: ingredients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), taste, texture, mouthfeel, volume and packaging. At that time I was mainly looking for products with a lot of sugar, which I found pleasant to eat, which did not take up too much space and which opened easily.

I also made sure to add enough salt to my diet, mainly to break up all that sweetness a little. In the end, I started the competition with High 5 gels (all sweet), GU salted caramel gel, Powerbar salted peanut gel, GoldNutritio salted peanut barn and Chimpanzee spicy savory bar, the Maurten 225 bar and Maurten 320 in my soft flasks. I ate a few mouthfuls of rice and a pancake every time I ate ravitos. My race went wonderfully and I was very happy with my nutritional plan and its implementation. I then ate something every 20 minutes or so.

At the end of July, I decided to tackle the longest, namely the Ultra Trail Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB (160 km). Nutrition is the race within the race at such distances, I knew it. So I studied competition nutrition and different strategies. I burn around 700 kcal per hour during a trail. It's impossible to take that much during a competition and then digest it. But the more you eat, the lower the energy deficit and therefore the longer you can continue.

Most of your energy comes from burning carbohydrates, but the longer the distance, the more important it becomes to also consume enough protein. This way you can try to minimize the inevitable muscle damage as much as possible. Additionally, salts/electrolytes are also very important, especially in hot weather. Eventually, I started thinking about caffeine too, because I knew I'd have to pull a sleepless night anyway.

Because there are a lot of variables and I didn't want to leave anything to chance, I developed a very detailed nutrition plan.

I had the following indicative values ​​in mind:

  • 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour,
  • 30 grams of protein every three hours,
  • 350 mg of Na+ per hour 
  • 40 mg of caffeine per hour (starting in the evening).

I then looked up and wrote down in detail exactly what was in my favorite sports nutrition and the puzzle could begin!

I divided the whole race into sections between refreshments and for these blocks I then calculated what I needed to eat and drink to get the necessary nutrients. The result was very interesting, much more than I had imagined! I always knew it was crucial to eat enough, but when you add it all up, it's really a lot. Eating enough carbs is one thing, but getting enough protein and electrolytes is another.

I also learned in my previous competitions that I cannot eat hard products and so protein bars were not an option. That's why I decided to start with a 6D recovery drink during the race, after 30 km. I had never tried this before, so it was a very well paid gamble. I was able to absorb 33 grams of protein per 500 ml. The taste isn't really sweet either, which made it easy for me to continue drinking it throughout the game. With each refill, I also took 500 ml of Maurten 320, good for 79 grams of carbohydrates and 200 mg of Na+. Other favorite products were Jelly Bar GoldNutrition (which makes a nice change from gels, very pleasant in the mouth), the PowerBar Salty Peanut gel, Gold Nutrition salt bar, GU gels with coffee flavor, salted caramel GU gel and high 5 gels. For each route I had put the planned food in a freezer bag, so each time I had to just grab the bag and make sure I could eat it all before I got to the next point.

So much for my planning, I knew the outcome would be different.

A race never goes exactly the way you want it to and you have to be able to react to what is happening at the moment. After 60 km my stomach started to bother me a little, I felt that the sugary gels were no longer working. In the ravitos, I always took the time to eat a salty and hot meal, usually a noodle soup accompanied by some pasta. I also took some Naak compotes with me. It saved my stomach and therefore my running. In the end, I was able to stick to my nutritional plan about 80%, so I am very satisfied. Of course, I am already thinking about next season, and therefore also about my nutritional strategy. I will definitely keep Maurten 320 et the 6D recovery drink. I'm going to replace some gels with Jelly Bars and compotes, to provide a little variation.

Since this year I have been working with Nutri-Bay, and thanks to them I can test and vary so many different products during my competitions. I am sure that this contributes to the good results and therefore I would like to expressly thank them!

📷 @nicecotedazurbyutmb

Laura Van Vooren 

File:Instagram icon.png - Wikipedia laura.vanvooren
3th 90 km from Mont Blanc
1st at 160 km Ultra Trail Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB


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Race nutrition 2023 

2023 was the first day of winter and long races in Bergen heb gelopen, and the first day of winter was 9 days on the trails.

In June there was a 90 km ride from Mont Blanc on my schedule. Ik wist op voorhand al dat ik deze wedstrijd niet enkel op gels zou kunnen lopen, omdat ik daar na een tijdje echt geen zin meer in heb. Ik heb dus een heel aantal producten uitgetest tijdens mijn lange trainingen en bergen. This product contains: ingredients (koolhydrates, proteins, proteins), texture, texture, volume in packaging. Ik was to en voornamelijk op zoek naar producten met veel suikers, die ik aangenaam vind om te en, die niet te veel plaats innemen en die gemakkelijk open te maken zijn.

Ik heb er ook op gelet om voldoende zout aan mijn dieet toe te voegen, voornamelijk om al die zoetheid een beetje te breken. The following heb and wedstrijd aangevat met high 5 gels (allemaal zoet), GU salted caramel gel, Powerbar salty peanut gel, GoldNutrition salty peanut bar en Chimpanzee spicy salty bar, Maurten 225 bar, riding a Maurten 320 in soft flasks. Aan de ravito's nam ik iedere keer een paar happen rijst en een pannenkoek. Mijn wedstrijd ging fantastisch, en ik was heel tevreden met mijn voedingsplan en de uitvoering ervan. Ik heb toen onggeveer om de 20 minn iets gegeten.

And now you have the shortlist of some of the best we have to offer, the name of the Ultra Trail Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB (160 km). Eten is de wedstrijd in de wedstrijd bij zulke afstanden, dat wist ik. Ik heb me dan ook verdiept in wedstrijdvoeding en verschillende strategieën. Ik verbrand ongeveer 700 kcal per uur tijdens een trail. Het is onmogelijk om zoveel in te nemen tijdens een wedstrijd en dit dan ook nog eens te verteren. Maar hoe meer je kan eten, hoe kleiner dat energiedeficit est en dus hoe langer je goed kan blijven doorgaan.

The high level of energy has to do with the branding of the liquid, but it does not have to be changed, but it does not have to be changed. So you can see that you have to minimize the noise. Please note that the zijn zouten/electrolyten ook heel belangrijk, vooral als het warm est. Tenslotte ben ik ook gaan nadenken over caffeine, want ik wist dat ik sowieso een nacht zou moeten doorgaan.

Omdat dit heel wat variabelen zijn en ik niets aan het toeval wou overlaten, heb ik een heel gedetailleerd voedingsplan uitgewerkt.

Hierbij had ik volgende richtwaarden in gedachten:

  • 60 gram koolhydraten per uur,
  • 30 gram eiwitten om de drie uur,
  • 350 mg Na+ per uur 
  • 40 mg caffeine per uur (vanaf de nacht).

Vervolgens heb ik gedetailleerd opgezocht en uitgeschreven wat mijn favoriete sportvoeding precies bevat en het puzzelen kon beginnen!

Ik heb of volledige wedstrijd opgesplitst in de trajecten tussen de refueling en voor deze blokken ben ik dan gaan uitrekenen wat ik allemaal moet eten en drinksen om de nodige voedingssstoffen te kunnen binnenhalen. The result was quite interesting, but it seemed like it had happened! Ik wist altijd wel dat voldoende eten cruciaal est, maar als je het allemaal eens gaat uitrekenen, dan is het echt ontzettend veel. Voldoende koolhydraten eten est één ding, maar daarnaast voldoende eiwitten en elektrolyten opnemen est nog iets eters. Ook had ik uit mijn vorige wedstijd geleerd dat ik geen harde producten kan eten, dus ik ikn proteïnerepen waren geen optie. Please note that the list is short of wedstrijd, at 30 km al, you start at recovery drink van 6D. Ik had said nog nooit getest dus het was een gok die heel goed is uitgedraaid. Per 500 ml there are 33 grams of eiwitten opnemen. De smaak est bovendien niet echt zoet, waardoor ik dit makkelijk kon blijven drinksen tijdens de volledige wedstrijd. Bij iedere ravito nam ik ook 500 ml Maurten 320 aan, goed for 79 gram koolhydraten en 200 mg Na+. And your favorite products are sold by GoldNutrition jelly bar (een goede afwisseling met de gels, heel aangenaam in de mond), PowerBar Salty Peanut gel, GoldNutrition Salt bar, GU gels met koffiesmaak, GU salted caramel gel en high 5 gels. Your route had to be taken into account if you had to travel in one day or another, but if you did so, you would have to wait until the end of the day.

Tot zover mijn jnn ik wist wel dat de uitwerking anders zou zijn.

And when we do it, we don't have to worry about what happens, and I can hear it when it's time. Na 60 km kreeg ik een beetje last aan mijn maag, ik voelde dat de zoete gels neet meer passerden. In de ravito's heb ik dan ook iedere keer de tijd genomen om een ​​zoute, warme maaltijd te eten, meestal een noodle soepje met wat pasta in. Ook nam ik enkele Naak compotes mee. Said heeft mijn maag en dus mijn wedstrijd gered. Ik kon er weer tegen! This means that 80% of your shipping costs are at least XNUMX% of the time. Natuurlijk denk ik al over volgend seizoen, en dus ook over mijn voedingsstrategie. Maurten 320 en 6D recovery drink ga ik zeker behouden. Some of the gels can be mixed with jelly bars, but they vary depending on how they are mixed.

Sinds says that it is the same with Nutribay, and it means that the products are varied and tested in varying degrees. Ik ben zeker dat dit bijdraagt ​​tot de dire resultaten, en ik wil hen daarom dan uitdrukkelijk bedanken!

📷 @nicecotedazurbyutmb

Laura Van Vooren 

File:Instagram icon.png - Wikipedia laura.vanvooren
3th 90 km from Mont Blanc
1st at 160 km Ultra Trail Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB
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