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How to train to prepare for an Ultra Trail? By Guillaume Klein

Thanks to reverse planning in 3 steps.

The requirements of ultra trail will require specific preparation to meet the different constraints of the discipline.

For an objective on the summer period at the end of August (UTMB, Grand Raid des Pyrénées, Echappée Belle, etc.), the implementation of a training plan and progressive and adapted preparatory races will make it possible to optimize the success of the event. 'test.

1) The construction period on foot: January / February / March

  • Develop physiological abilities

Short high-intensity sessions (tempo, threshold, vma) on flat and hilly terrain, sprint and educational work, all to improve cardiovascular capacity, but also to promote running economy through optimization running movement (stride, placement of the body).

  • Build a strong and resilient physique

General muscle strengthening of the body and specific to the level of the lower limbs, but also integration of plyometric work and home trainer sessions, with the aim of gaining strength and resistance.

Realization of competitions on short formats (5km, 10km, cross, nature race…).

2) The trail integration period: April / May

  • Implementation of specific trail sessions (uphill vma, uphill threshold, downhill fiber breakage).
  • Gradual increase in the volume of endurance trail rides on uneven terrain.

Realization of competitions on short and medium trails of 30 to 60 kilometers.

3) The specific ultra trail period: June / July / August

  • Strong increase in the volume of endurance trail outings on uneven ground, by working on the specific ultra trail pace that we will find in competition.
  • Promote cross-training with the bike to add volume in endurance, work on strength and limit mechanical stress.
  • Continue to maintain high-intensity cardiovascular capacity, running economy and muscle building.
  • Realization of load blocks over 2 to 3 days to accumulate a high volume, while integrating the specificities of the planned competition (slope, type of terrain, race schedule, etc.).

A final block 1 month before the goal, an overcompensation phase to recover and activate progress, and finally a gradual decrease in training volume until the day of departure.

  • Define, test and validate the nutrition strategy (before / during exercise), as well as all the equipment to be used.

Realization of preparatory races on long formats of 80 to 120 kilometers.

About the last 2 months before the ultra trail, it is preferable to avoid all competitions to concentrate only on the objective to be achieved, limit fatigue, keep your nervous impulses and maintain full motivation.

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These general tips provide some guidance on the training plan to put in place to prepare for an ultra trail goal.

However, it is necessary to individualize it to adapt it in a specific way to the mode of operation of each one, in order to be in a logic of progression.

Training is only one of the elements of the "performance pyramid" and will act in synergy with all the factors of "health performance" (daily food base, sports nutrition, quality of sleep, management of stress and emotions).

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This content was published by our Ambassador Guillaume Klein (Personal Coach Expert in sports nutrition and health / Ultra endurance specialist)

  • Nutriformation graduate specializing in micronutrition and nutritherapy
  • Trained in sports nutrition by the Evonutri Positive Nutrition Academy
  • Ultra Trail coach trained by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Athletics League
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz professional group (since 2018)
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz training center (since 2019)
  • Creator of the EPIC® method

Passionate about sport, and ultra endurance athlete in running and ultra cycling, Guillaume was able to test on himself the benefits of a natural nutritional balance, appropriate to his real needs, and of a specific adapted training. Guillaume appreciates quality products which respect the nutritional needs of the athlete, but also from a health point of view, a composition as natural as possible.

You too can take advantage of his advice and find all our products on this site

If you would like more information or advice, do not hesitate to contact guillaume via his site

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