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Nutri-tips for running a 10KM

Going 10km seems to be a piece of cake for some. For others, they symbolize a first objective to be reached before tackling longer distances. 

Like any event, the 10km is prepared physically but also nutritionally. It will have to be both enduring and explosive. Do not miss the refueling and privilege the hydration as well as the freezing lashes when approaching the finish line. 



An energy bar ou energy drink in the 2H preceding the race. You can also plan a energy cake, ideal as breakfast. 

Alex's favorite - Team NB before a race : energy bars CLIF BAR and the energy drink Nutrisens Bio Energy 



An energy gela few meters before refueling so you can drink directly afterwards. If you have exceeded one hour of effort, hydrate yourself with a energy drink or water. You can also take another energy gel before the next refueling or before the finish line. 

Alex - Team NB's favorite during a race: energy gels Meltonic 



A recovery drink is as its name suggests, ideal to recover. To consume during the half-hour after the effort. Proteins and carbohydrates will start the recovery phase thanks to their rapid assimilation. 

You can also take an energy bar if your next meal will be more than one hour after the end of the effort. 

Alex - Team NB's favorite after a race: whey protein Apurna 



- Constantly maintain your energy reserves

- Moisturize regularly and with each refueling 

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