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For Cyclists: 4 Yoga routines ...

Cyclists: whether it is to strengthen your muscles or to relieve back pain, practicing yoga can be beneficial to your body ... 

Yoga has many benefits for cyclists. Yoga exercises body and mind toward increased flexibility that can help prevent injury. It can help increase strength and tone, and can help improve breathing and concentration. There are many variations and styles of yoga practice that can be successfully integrated into your workout.

These exercises on these videos can easily be done at home and require no material. 

1) The opening of the hips 

This short Vinyasa posture focuses on positions that will help open tight hips. It also incorporates soft positions that will help stretch the back.

These are great sessions if you're fighting muscle pain after a workout or just want to do a gentle stretch before bedtime.


2) Yoga for the center of the body 

 Whether you're training for lap times or want to tackle the hills, a solid center of gravity will make you more stable on the bike.

These sessions focus on strengthening your muscles in the lower abdomen, abs, hip flexors and lower back muscles.

3) Yoga for your back 

A contracture or pain can be a real obstacle to your performance. With yoga you can use gentle stretching positions while strengthening yourself to protect yourself from injury.

If you have back pain, this session is a good exercise to start with.


4) Yoga Stretching for cyclists 

This Vinyasa posture focuses on stretching rather than strengthening positions.

This 22-minute video will help you stretch the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and lower back.

The sessions also include balance poses which can help activate your core muscles.

We hope you will practice and enjoy these tips.

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