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  • Protein and endurance sports

    "For the endurance athlete, a high quality and varied protein intake will help optimize performance and recovery"
  • Running in the heat: PREPARE, ADAPT AND SURVIVE

    Running in the heat: PREPARE, ADAPT AND SURVIVE
    RUN UNDER HEAT: PREPARE, ADAPT AND SURVIVE The summer months are coming and the days when temperatures easily reach over 30 ° C with a scorching sun are not uncommon. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or other heat-related problems can happen quickly and could even be fatal. Your approach to practice or ...
  • For Cyclists: 4 Yoga routines ...

    For Cyclists: 4 Yoga routines ...
    Cyclists: Whether it is to strengthen your muscles or to relieve back pain, practicing yoga can benefit your body ... Yoga has many benefits for cyclists. Yoga exercises the body and mind towards increased flexibility which can help in injury prevention. It can help increase strength and tone, and can ... uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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