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Heating Balm (250ml)
Thanks to its plant extracts, WUNDmed HORSE BALM Strongly Warming is ideal for supporting muscle regeneration, muscle aches and tensions and joint pain. WUNDmed horse balm is a nourishing gel that penetrates quickly,...
Refreshing Balm (250 ml)
WUNDmed HORSE BALM Cooling is beneficial for tired muscles. High-quality plant extracts revitalize and refresh the body after physical exertion. The massage gel with a pleasant cooling effect supports regenerating body care...
CURATONIX - Use & Benefits Guide - Free
This Curatonix “Usage & Benefits” guide informs you about all the products in the Curatonix range: compositions, roles and health benefits of the products, etc. Each sport requires its own nutrition plan and each athlete must compensate ...
Daily Basic (30 Tablets)
DAILY BASIC is a food supplement based on vitamins and minerals. DAILY BASIC provides you with essential micronutrients to support your body. This supplement is expertly dosed with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its very complete formula, you ...
Energy Booster (30 Capsules)
ENERGY BOOSTER is a food supplement based on vitamins, caffeine and taurine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant of plant origin. Tea, coffee, chocolate and cola are the main sources of caffeine in our diet. The...
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Massage Fluid (500ml) - Mountain Pine & Arnica
The massage fluid refreshes and tones. Soothing treatment for arms, legs and back. Refreshing and invigorating treatment with the scent of real mountain pine and massage. Increases physical well-being. Prevents rapid symptoms of fatigue...
Focus Booster (60 Tablets)
FOCUS BOOSTER is a food supplement based on plants and vitamins. Students, athletes, “e-gamers” and all users in search of concentration will appreciate the effects of FOCUS BOOSTER, at the rate of two tablets per day ....
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MAG4 (60 Tablets)
MAG4 is a food supplement based on magnesium and vitamin B6. MAG4 provides your body with a significant amount of magnesium. MAG4 is composed of 3 magnesium salts selected for their performance. Magnesium is one of the ...
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MAG4 Plus Pack- Choose your pack
MAG4 is a food supplement based on magnesium and vitamin B6. Combine the Curatonix MAG4 with one of the other Curatonix products for an even more complete rendering and save money. You can choose the following combinations: Daily Basic ...
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Arnica ointment (250ml)
Arnica ointment is ideal for the care of dry, rough and damaged skin, our extra-strong formula supports the natural action of our arnica ointment is ideal for local application in cases of wounds and sprains, bruises and...
Cold Spray (300ml) - Arnica
Arnica-harpagophytum cold spray 300ml WUNDmed cold spray with arnica and devil's claw is a practical and quick product, particularly suitable for first aid and to relieve minor injuries. Immediate relief from joint and muscle pain...
Super Daily (60 Tablets)
SUPER DAILY is a food supplement based on vitamins, minerals, quercetin, coenzymes Q10 and OPC. As the name suggests, SUPER DAILY is a supplement with a superior formulation. This specific formulation gives this “super” supplement multiple benefits....
Kinesiology Tape - 5cm x 5 m - Color of your choice
WUNDmed Kinesiology Tape is skin-friendly and highly adaptable and stretchable thanks to the S-shaped wavy structure of the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Optimal adaptation to the structures of the human body such as the skin,...
Sports Tape - 5m x 3.8cm - Choice of Color
Sport-Tape (5m x 3,8cm) "The WUNDmed sports tape is ideal for fixing bandages and supporting joints. The fabric tape is self-adhesive and can be cut to size. - Self-adhesive fabric tape - Can be cut to size
First Aid Kit (43 pieces) - “Sports Special”
Sportsman's kit The WUNDmed sports kit contains all the important utensils for first aid during sports. The kit comes with a compact nylon bag with a carrying handle and belt loop...
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