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Losing Weight As an Athlete ... 3 Things You Should Know!

From a perspective of the sports nutrition, healthy weight loss is around 0,5kg per week but it gets harder as you decrease your body fat percentage. To do this, your average daily calorie intake should be around 500 calories less than your expenditure and by being consistent and fairly strict with what you eat. We don't think you should starve yourself, but instead focus on healthy, whole foods and vegetables.
To calculate your Calories
In addition to counting calories, it's also very important to know your macronutrient ratio. This means that your calories are important, but the source of your calories is just as important. In the case of endurance athletes, I would aim to get the following: 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein, 20% fat. You can adjust your personal goals in% in a myfitnesspal type application.

Each person is a little different and you should be aware of how your body reacts to caloric changes.
You will therefore have to adapt according to the results.
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Losing Weight As an Athlete ... 3 Things You Should Know! (offer at the end of the article).

In addition to the aesthetic and health aspect that motivates the majority of the population when it comes to losing a few pounds, athletes practicing an endurance sport such as cycling are also motivated by an improvement in their performance!

Why lose weight as an endurance athlete?

When to lose weight? 
What strategy to lose fat and keep energy?

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