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Discover the e-book of Ugo Ferrari and Nicolas Martin

Sportsman since his youngest age, Nicolas Martin discovered the joys of sport through the practice of football. Besides that, he discovers, thanks to his father, a passion for nature. He ended up combining his two passions of sport and nature by embarking on the world of trail running, which he characterized by a feeling of well-being and freedom which allowed him to discover fabulous places and landscapes. Although the competitive world is not very attractive from his young point of view, he nevertheless decides to embark on the conquest of the high level at the age of 24 years. His meeting and his collaboration with Patrick Bringer, creator of the "2EP" training structure, will strongly influence his sports career ...
Thanks to this e-book, Nicolas offers an approach to physical preparation for trail running. Simple and accessible chapters give you the basics to start in the activity with a little autonomy or to simply understand what your trainer asks you to do.
Its co-author, Ugo Ferrari, self-proclaimed Duke of Savoy, has been a serious ultra-trail practitioner since 2016. He brings all his knowledge to this e-book which you can discover on Ugo Ferrari has also created its own pack that you can discover HERE

The advice given by Ugo Ferrari and Nicolas Martin is very important to take into account, especially in terms of training. Whether you are passionate about trail running, cycling or any other sport, all of the recommendations can be adapted to any activity. 

"The training load is made up of two parts. A first part is physiological and a second component is mental. Too often neglected, this mental load is highly dependent on your life. It is important to take it into account. Asking yourself questions on this topic is useful, not only for your sport, but also for the rest of your life. "

Along with training, nutrition advice while running is also very appropriate, and not just for trail running ...

"There are 3 different strategies for its supply:

  • Pure water or with electrolytes + solid or semi-solid contributions.
  • Store-bought or homemade energy drink.
  • Low dose energy drink + solid or semi-solid intake. "

Through this e-book, you will have the opportunity to progress at your own pace, there is no point in being in a hurry because good progress is made over the training sessions. Moreover Ugo Ferrari and Nicolas Martin somewhat denounce social networks and recent platforms like Strava. These tools should be used for motivation, not comparison.

"The advent of social media and a platform like Strava has increased the risk of wanting to do too much by comparing yourself to others. If competition involves comparison, it must above all remain a way of maximizing your own potential and to express it, in competition, thanks to others. "


You want to know more about the behaviors to adopt during your training and thus enrich your sports knowledge thanks to the numerous advices given by Ugo and Nicolas ... Just add the ebook to your cart when ordering and the download link will be sent to you.

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