5 things to know about BAOUW energy compotes. How to use them?

On the occasion of the arrival of the new format of 90g energy compotes which replaces their old 63g version, we take this opportunity to review the 5 important things to remember about them!

Article taken from the Baouw website.

1. Our organic energy compotes are purees

Baouw compotes are actually… purees, because they have no added sugar. A crucial point for Baouw, because health is their first concern and refined sugar is its main enemy. 
“New in human history, refined sugar is responsible for many serious illnesses. It is a molecule against which the human body is powerless. It has been proven in mice that it is more addictive than cocaine… What about humans? In any case, the difference is that the general public is perfectly aware of the dangerousness of drugs, while refined sugar is still largely underestimated, especially in the world of sport…” explains Benoît Nave , nutritionist and co-founder of Baouw.
We have therefore designed purees, containing only the natural sugar of the fruit. It is a perfectly physiological sugar, therefore well assimilated and understood by the body because it is combined with the fibres, minerals and other micro-nutrients of the fruits. It allows you to keep all the contributions necessary for your performance in the effort, while preserving your health. The ideal natural alternative to energy gels.

2. Perfectly optimized energy intake

This is probably no longer a surprise to you; our recipes are concocted by our 2-star chef Yoann Conte and our nutritionist Benoit Nave. Their expertise is reflected in the composition of the purees, which, if you follow our recommendations on the frequency of consumption, will provide you with the amount of energy you need while keeping your blood sugar under control during exercise.

Purees are divided into two categories:

 For 90g (a mash) 
- The Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla and Sweet Potato-Carrot-Timut Pepper purees have a carbohydrate content similar to our bars. You can consume them every 30 minutes for a very intense effort, or every 60 minutes for a long-lasting effort. 
- The Pear-Apple-Mint and Raspberry-Strawberry-Basil purées should be consumed every 20 minutes for a very intense effort, or every 40 minutes for a long-term effort.
In addition to their optimal carbohydrate intake, our purees are distinguished by their intake of good lipids thanks to the subtle touch of extra virgin olive oil they contain. An olive oil of exceptional quality, one of the richest in polyphenols and antioxidants.

3. A balance that respects the food matrix

From a nutritional standpoint, it's pretty easy to work with when you're only dialing in ultra-high quality, raw ingredients. We thus preserve the "matrix" of each food, its "totum", and therefore the full potential of this food. All its capital: its vitamins, its minerals, its antioxidant polyphenols. It must be understood that this is the only way that they are fully assimilated by your body. And therefore profitable. When this capital is added, in other words when a product is enriched with synthetic vitamins by the manufacturing process, the body cannot use it properly. 
The most difficult thing was to obtain a balance that made it possible to dispense with sterilization, to obtain high micro-nutritional quality (vitamins, antioxidants, etc.), all without any preservatives.
Mission accomplished!

4. Unique recipes

Our purées are recipes from two-star chefs, not the products of chemists. Recipes born in Yoann's ovens, not in test tubes. To be sure, it's easy, just turn the product over and read its label. No words in OSE like glucose or fructose… Nothing chemical.
The result ? Our ingredients are not ingredients, they are food! Organic products of exceptional quality brought together in four unique recipes and an important transparency for Baouw on the composition of our products.
Raspberry-Strawberry-Basil: Strawberry puree* 57,6%, raspberry puree* 22%, morello cherry*, vanilla extract*, extra virgin olive oil* 2%, tapioca starch*, basil* 1,1%, hibiscus powder*, concentrated lemon juice*.
Pear-Apple-Mint: Pear puree* 47,17%, apple puree* 47,17%, extra virgin olive oil* 2,36%, tapioca starch*, cider vinegar*, powdered ginger*, mint juice*0,02 .XNUMX%, coriander powder*, dill*.
Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla: Banana puree* 62,47%, kiwi puree* 32%, extra virgin olive oil* 4%, lime juice*, vanilla extract* 0,03%. 
Sweet Potato-Carrot-Timut Pepper: Sweet potato puree * 73,27%, orange juice *, carrot puree * 6,65%, sweet potato flour * 4,89%, extra virgin olive oil *, passion fruit juice * , Guérande salt 0,5%, tarragon powder *, turmeric powder *, timut pepper powder * 0,05%, concentrated lemon juice *.

5. A practical format designed for each type of effort 

Our compotes have proven themselves in terms of their practicality. The compact side of the gourd makes them much easier to store, grab, open, close, keep, reopen, close... 
They are also very suitable for high intensity efforts. Why ? Because their rapid intake of carbohydrates better meets the needs of a higher energy consumption. But also because it becomes more difficult to chew when the intensity of the effort and your heart rate get carried away!
For longer efforts, of the endurance type, our compotes become very complementary to our energy bars. One does not replace the other! On the contrary, the two work together and offer you the opportunity to alternate tastes and textures in order to avoid becoming bored.
Research & Development is at the heart of Baouw. Every day, Fanny, our product manager, accompanied by her team, as well as by Yoann, Benoit and all our athletes, work hand in hand to innovate and optimize our recipes in order to offer you the most qualitative products adapted to your practice. . We are happy and proud to present these purees and our new Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla recipe, the fruit of more than 2 years of work and finally ready to be tasted!
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