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10 Reasons to Recruit a Runner

You meet them on the street and in the parks in sportswear. In your environment, they are always fit and on top of motivation. They talk about past and future races, they always have something planned ... These are the runners!

But have you ever thought of the good that you would do to your business in recruiting such personalities within your teams?


1. Running makes you autonomous

A runner is used to working hard by himself. He puts on his shoes and rushes without waiting for precise instructions, he takes initiatives and remains solely responsible for his results. You will never have to micro-manage a runner!


2. Runners like new challenges

A runner has the permanent worry of increasing his abilities and his performances. He understands that there is always an area in which to improve, faster, stronger, more efficient. A runner always wants to be better than the day before. Is not this the definition of a model employee?


3. The runners show solidarity and encourage others

A runner is aware of the effort and commitment needed to achieve results. At the start of each race, there are runners of all levels and the most accomplished always strive to give advice and encourage others to help them reach and surpass their goals. This is the dream attitude of a good manager!


4. The runners are very attached to the notion of group

Although running is considered an individual sport, each runner is aware of belonging to a community of people who share the same passion, the same values. A runner has reflexes of support and assistance. He is convinced that if everyone does not find satisfaction in a joint effort, then success will not be perfect. A team spirit that dreams the best companies!


5. Running keeps you in shape

It is a fact, the regular practice of running strengthens the body and mind, reduces the risk of small diseases and pains of all kinds. Who would not dream of an employee who is always fresh, available and never sick?  

6. Runners never let themselves be disturbed by small annoyances

A runner advances regardless of the conditions. Regardless of lack of sleep, bad weather or pain, a runner never lets trouble get him off course. At the office, a runner will never complain because of little hassles!


7. Runners have excellent time management

A runners challenge time constantly, in training, in competition. In his personal life, a runner must organize himself more and better than the others to practice his sport regularly in the middle of a busy professional and personal life. A runner is a planning expert, a key factor in his progress. Who would not dream of a collaborator with this fantastic sense of organization and that wonderful time management ability?


8. Running gives (the good) the spirit of competition

Most runners will never be Olympic champions. The competitive spirit of a runner is perfect. They fight against himself and he is inspired by others. At work, a runner will always want to sign the biggest contract, write the best article or offer the most relevant presentation. Who would want to do without such an engine?


9. Running makes you optimistic

A runner goes from small wins to big disappointments. He always retains the best, only the positive, and finds in small things the motivation and the energy to go even further. Running regularly reduces anxiety and delivers a euphoric dose of endorphin throughout the body. Thus, a runner is a person always enthusiastic and motivated!


10. Runners are kinky and determined

A runner always finds the will to continue. Despite the fatigue, despite the pain, when everything orders him to stop, he continues, finished the race and puts on his shoes the next day to start again. It's good to be able to count on someone determined! uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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