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Best before: 31-10-2022. This discovery pack of natural energy gels from Veloforte gives you access to their full range of energy-rich gels. A trio of natural syrup-based energy gels made with real fruit, spices and nature's finest electrolytes -...

Consume preferably before: 31-10-2022.

This discovery pack of Veloforte's natural energy gels gives you access to their full line of energy-rich gels.

A trio of natural energy gels made from syrup made with real fruits, spices and nature's best electrolytes - full of quick-release energy when you really need it.

This pack contains 4 gels:

  • 1x Primo Energy Gel (33g) - Beet and Lemon
  • 1x Tempo Energy Gel (33g) - Date, Lemon and Ginger
  • 1x Doppio Energy Gel (33g) - Maple syrup, Coffee and Guarana
  • 1x Riba Energy Gel (33g) - Blackcurrant & Elderflower

Each 33 g gel contains 22 g of easily digested dual-source natural carbohydrates with an optimal blend of glucose and fructose to facilitate maximum energy absorption and sustained energy release to keep you going longer.

  • Brown rice syrup Unrefined provides essential quick-release glucose - a quick delivery of energy directly to your muscles.
  • Date nectar is richer in fructose - a slower release energy to keep you feeling fed for longer.
  • Maple syrup has a mellow sweetness of glucose and fructose and is a powerful source of antioxidants.

Veloforte-gels and glucose-fructose

The natural electrolytes contained in these syrups are enriched with the purest Himalayan pink salt to help you maintain a healthy water balance, reduce muscle cramps and optimize muscle function when you work hard.

100% natural and delicious, naturally free of gluten, dairy products or any additive and preservative… which makes them easily and naturally digestible, free from any bad taste.

Natural, powerful and delicious ... our 100% natural energy gels - handcrafted to include nature's secrets for quick release energy.

How to use the product

  • Consume an energy gel every 45 to 60 minutes during the exercise phase.
  • Always take Veloforte energy gels with water, because without water they take longer to digest and enter the blood.
  • Also consider switching between caffeine-free and caffeine-free energy gels to make sure you don't take too much caffeine. (Keep a maximum of 5 per day).

Doppio Energy Gel: Contains caffeine. Do not exceed 5 gels / day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women (75 mg of caffeine per 33g sachet) 

Further information

Stored in a cool, dry place.
We produce our hydration products in a Sports Informed certified facility.
All Veloforte energy nectars are made from the best natural ingredients. UOnce opened, consume immediately with a full sip of water.

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Veloforte - Energy Gel - Discovery Pack - BBD 31.10.2022
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