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Veloforte - Energy Chews - Discovery Pack

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The all new revolutionary Cubos Natural Energy Chews range from Veloforte, soft, handmade energy chews with real fruit and bursting with fast-release energy for when you really need it.This discovery pack covers the whole range and will totally recharge your supplies. This pack contains 4...

Veloforte's all-new revolutionary Cubos Natural Energy Chews range, soft, handmade energy chews with real fruit and bursting with fast-release energy for when you really need it.

this discovery pack covers the entire range and will fully recharge your refueling.

This pack contains 4 sachets of Energy Chews:

  • 1x Amaro Energy Chews (50g) - Morello Cherries and Guarana
  • 1x Fresco Energy Chews (50g) - Lemon & Mint
  • 1x Citro Energy Chews (50g) - Citrus & Ginger
  • 1x Mela Energy Chews (50g) - Apple and Cinnamon

Super light and super potent, each 50g pack of Cubo contains 6 small, mighty sweet bites that provide twice the carbs of a standard gel and are as high in energy as a whole Veloforte bar but with a third of the calories. in less.

Big performance, small size ...

The Cubo range is the lightest and easiest way to re-energize and replenish electrolytes and energy lost while on the go. Handcrafted from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, the range combines real fruit with nature's best electrolytes in three delicious flavors.


The science of chewing

Chewing can help aid digestion and stimulate nutrient absorption by releasing saliva and digestive enzymes that help convert your food into energy quickly and efficiently.


Natural, powerful and delicious

Perfect for before et during the effort, each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide energy quickly digestible:

  • Each package contains 42 g of carbohydrates - derived from a combination of beet sugar and natural sugars contained in fruit juices, providing the optimal dual source of energy from glucose and fructose - a combination of proven confidence to prolong endurance performance.
  • Natural electrolytes - Sodium et Potassium from the best natural sources: Himalayan pink salt and dried coconut water. These vital electrolytes, lost when you sweat, play an important role in maintaining blood pressure, water balance and the transport of nutrients to your cells - helping to maintain optimal hydration and performance.


Clean body, clean goal

The secret to the incredible boost you get from the Cubo range comes from the unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, rich in dual source energy.

UK-grown beet sugar, corn starch and real fruit juices combine to deliver sweet smoothness and all the quick-release energy you need to perform at your best, naturally. .

Most energy gums use all kinds of artificial ingredients, the Cubos line is 100% natural ... Gluten free, gelatin free, vegan and no artificial scrubs, preservatives or wax coated, they are a seriously effective way to fuel your training and competitions without any inconvenience.

How to use the product

Suitable for all sports.

Eat before, during, and after exercise to replenish vital energy and electrolytes.

Recommended intake: 2 chews every 20 minutes

Always stay well hydrated

To be consumed with our real range of hydration

    Further information

    Stored in a cool, dry place.

    As an indication, here are the schedules of our expeditions:
    Colissimo / Mondial Relay: if order before 12:00 am, departure the same day (except Mondial Relay on Monday - no transport)
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    As an indication, here are the delivery times (hours / working days, after shipment):
    Colissimo: 24h - 48h
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    GLS at home: BE-LU DE-NL: 24h - 48h - FRANCE: 36h - 72h

    To always serve you better, we negotiate attractive rates with professionals of the transport of goods.

    This product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Find details of health claims on our dedicated page
    Veloforte - Energy Chews - Discovery Pack Veloforte - Energy Chews - Discovery Pack
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    Veloforte - Energy Chews - Discovery Pack
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