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Organic Corn Maltodextrin (400g) - Lime

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BIO Meltonic Corn Maltodextrin is designed to prepare you for exercise. Increase your energy reserves and your resistance 3 days before a competition. Enjoy an organic, gluten-free and antioxidant recipe, made on a basis of corn maltodextrin, royal jelly, acerola (rich in vitamin C) and a subtle aroma ...

Meltonic organic corn maltodextrin is designed to prepare you for exercise.

Increase your energy reserves and your resistance 3 days before a competition. Enjoy a recipe organic, gluten-free and antioxidant, developed on the basis of corn maltodextrin, royal jelly, acerola (rich in vitamin C) and a subtle natural aroma of lime. 

  • Increase in energy reserves from D-3 before the objective.
  • Bio et gluten free for the optimum assimilation for the body.
  • antioxidant : rich in Vitamin C thanks to the acerola.
  • Practical et easy to carry with nomadic sachets: 3 sachets = 1,5L 
  • Subtly lemony taste and little sweet
  • Made in Brittany

What type of effort is Maltodextrin from organic corn made for?
Maltodextrin Meltonic is made to prepare your body for long efforts. Like for example a marathon, or a Trail, a triathlon, a cyclosportive ... For the marathon, the goal is to move back as much as possible the famous "wall" and thus reach your goals.

What are the benefits of Meltonic Organic Corn Maltodextrin?
Organic corn maltodextrin is digested faster than other sugars, making it a useful ingredient in sports drinks and snacks. It can help athletes refuel with carbohydrates, while remaining light, before an event. Consuming organic corn maltodextrin helps reduce the breakdown of muscle glycogen, and improves performance.

    How to use the product

    During the 3 days before your sports goal: dilute 3 sachets of organic corn maltodextrin in 1,5 liters of water and drink throughout the day.

    Repeat the experience the next day and the day after, so your body is ready to give it all on the day of the test.

    For recovery after exercise, it is advisable to consume a combination of maltodextrin and / or protein.


    Maltodextrin * (89,8%); Natural fructose; Lime lime natural flavor
    Dry extract of acerola * with 16% vitamin C (0,9%); Freeze-dried royal jelly * (0,5%)

    * Ingredients from organic farming

    Nutritional information:


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      This product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Find details of health claims on our dedicated page
      Organic Corn Maltodextrin (400g) - Lime Organic Corn Maltodextrin (400g) - Lime
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      • as requested

      • Good product, taste not too pronounced, dissolves well. Taken 3 days before competition and no feeling of thirst or dehydration (bonus bronze medal on KMV) :):). Thanks. Valerie

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      Organic Corn Maltodextrin (400g) - Lime
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