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Creatine Power Mix GoldNutrition is a formula made from Creapure ™ - the purest, safest, highest quality creatine on the market and obtained through a patented process. Get more lean muscle mass. Increase strength and power in sprints. Increase...
€ 19.99

Creatine Power Mix GOLDNUTRITION is a formula composed of Creapure ™ - the purest, safest and highest quality creatine on the market, which is obtained through a patented process.

  • Get more lean muscle mass.
  • Increase the strength and power of sprints.
  • Increase the capacity to perform the jump.
  • Longer workouts and less fatigue (thanks to less lactic acid build-up).
  • Faster recoveries between workouts.
  • Product indicated for modalities that require quick and short bursts of energy, such as football, handball, rugby, basketball, hockey, sprinters, jumpers, swimmers, weightlifters, bodybuilders, modalities martial arts, among others.

This formula also contains fast absorbing sugars and a combination of alpha lipoic acid and organic chromium. This combination is crucial so that the athlete does not have to consume large doses of sugar to stimulate insulin, the purpose of which is to promote the entry of CREATIN into the muscle cell. It has been documented that the sugar associated with CREATINE and alpha-lipoic acid promotes a greater increase in CREATINE in the muscle cell when comparing the consumption of creatine and sugar only..

CREAPURE ™ is a trademark registered by Degussa, Germany.

Conseils d'utilization

  • Charging phase: Take 4 servings per day, for 5 days - with breakfast, lunch, before and after training.
  • Maintenance phase: Take 1 serving 30 to 40 minutes before strength training, for 8 weeks.
To prepare 1 serving, mix 1 shallow scoop in 250 ml of water and drink.

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

    Warning: Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in cases of renal failure.


        Dextrose, creatine monohydrate - Creapure® (8%), acidifiers (citric acid, disodium phosphate), taurine (2%), flavor, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), magnesium oxide, potassium monophosphate, alpha-lipoic acid ( 0,2%), chromium picolinate, sodium chloride, color (beta-carotene), flavor, sweetener (sucralose).

        Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Manufactured in facilities handling gluten, milk, soy, eggs and fish, which is why it may contain traces of these.

        Nutritional information:


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        Creatine Power Mix (1kg) - Orange-Mango
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