Soft Hydration Flask (500ml)

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A flexible 500ml flask in Baouw colors, for your hydration during exercise: Flexible to prevent the water from sloshing. A rigid bottom that allows faster and easier insertion into the bag compartment. An enlarged opening to facilitate water filling. A removable pacifier for optimal cleaning. Made from recycled plastic, ...

flexible flange 500ml in Baouw colors, for your hydration during exercise:

  • Flexible for avoid sloshing some water.
  • A rigid bottom that allows faster and easier insertion in the bag compartment. 
  • An enlarged opening for facilitate filling some water.
  • A removable pacifier for optimal cleaning
  • Made from recycled plastic, and is BPA Free (absence of toxic plastic).

A flexible hydration flask designed for sports and developed so as not to forget any detail that could disturb your outing. This new Baouw 500ml flask ticks all the boxes, whether for its ease and speed of use to its practicality!

The flexibility of the flange prevents drafts and thus remove any potential sloshing during the race. Its rigid bottom facilitates the descent of the flange in the bag pocket and prevents it from twisting when trying to replace it. A real saving of time in movement, and the assurance of a comfortable positioning of the flange along the body. An enlarged opening and a removable nipple facilitate the filling of water, ice cubes, and allows easy cleaning of the flexible flask after exercise.

Finally, and to show you that Baouw has thought of everything, we have even added a small ring to which you can hang a strap if you want to go without a bag and hold your water bottle directly in your hand.



Usage tips:
To clean your flask, you can simply put it in the dishwasher. The pacifier is removable.
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    Soft Hydration Flask (500ml)
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