Organic Energy Mash (100g) - Butternut-Sweet Potato-Almond

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    ATLET's organic salty energy puree (no added sugar) provides you with minerals, amino acids, omega 3, fibers and antioxidants during your endurance efforts. Smooth, it helps prevent sugar saturation while providing you with digestive comfort and a satiating effect. Its 100g format, in a recyclable (collectibio) and resealable bottle, ...
€ 3.40

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La ATLET organic salty energy puree (no added sugar) brings you minerals, amino acids, omega 3, fiber and antioxidant during your endurance efforts.

Smooth, it avoids the saturation of sugar while providing digestive comfort and a satiating effect.

Its format 100gin recyclable bottle (collectibio) and resealable, guarantees a caloric intake> 135 kcal per portion. Its low glycemic index promotes the recharging of carbohydrate reserves during endurance and intensity efforts. 

This puree can also be used as a savory “snack” at any time of the day.

  • Smooth vegetable flavor with Guérande salt
  • Energy over the duration of the effort (formulation with low glycemic index)
  • Contributes to the reduction of muscle fatigue
  • Helps compensate for losses of mineral salts

This product is:

  • No refined sugar
  • Without palm oil
  • Without colouring
  • Without additives

    La ATLET organic energy puree composed mainly of plant nutrients allows you to provide an energy supplement before and during your training or competitions.

    The Choice of Ingredients:

    • Du butternut : rich in potassium and calcium
    • De sweet potato : for its alkalizing effects (PRAL index: -3.79)
    • Delivery charges Almonds : Amino acids necessary to reduce muscle fatigue
    • De acerola : source of natural vitamin C and antioxidant
    • De rapeseed oil : contribution of beneficial omega 3 on the cardiovascular system

    Usage tips:

    30 minutes before an endurance effort.

    For endurance efforts> 1 hour

    Alternating with energy bars

        Keep away from heat in a dry place.

        Additional information:

        This product is intended, given a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, to meet the needs of an immediate muscular effort carried out especially during a competition or in special environmental conditions. To be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, to meet the needs of immediate or immediate effort.

        Recyclable bottle with the collectibio program (


        Butternut puree 49% (1), water, white almond powder 11,5% (1), sweet potato puree 8% (1), rapeseed oil (1), quinoa flour (1), salt Guérande, turmeric powder (1), acerola extract titrated to 17% vitamin C (1)

        (1) Ingredients from organic farming

        Nutritional information:

        FOR 100G: Eenergy: 137,76 kcal / 583,08 kj - Fat: 9,6 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0,7 g - Carbohydrates: 8,7 g of which sugars: 3 g - Fibers: 2,56 g - Proteins: 4 g - Salt: 0,2 g - Vitamin C: 12,33 mg (i.e. 15% NRV *) - Vitamin E: 2,56 mg (i.e. 21% NRV *) - Omega 3: 0,24 g (* NRV = Nutritional Reference Values)

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        Organic Energy Mash (100g) - Butternut-Sweet Potato-Almond
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