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ATLET - ORGANIC Energy Gels (8x25g) - Discovery Pack

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Red Fruits Gel The ATLET Red Fruits energy gel gives you immediate energy, so it should be used when you experience a slump to boost your energy during the race. You need 2 to 3 gels per hour of shopping to meet your needs...

Red Fruit Gel

The ATLET Red Fruits energy gel provides you with immediate energy, so it should be used when you experience a slump to boost your energy during the race. You need 2 to 3 gels per hour of running to meet your carbohydrate needs.


 composed of 4 complementary carbohydrate sources (rice syrup, maltodextrin, agave syrup, flower honey)
 Carbohydrate intake for endurance effort, energy is released quickly in the body
 Fluid gel texture easy to absorb during exercise
 Resealable (once opened, turn the cap over and insert it on the tube)

ATLET energy gels are formulated with carefully selected 100% biological raw materials and help you manage your long-term efforts in training and competition.

Lemon Guarana Gel


 Improves physical performance while helping to improve concentration and alertness

The ATLET Citron Guarana energy gel provides you with immediate energy thanks to its formulation, so it is to be used when a slump appears to boost your energy during the race while helping to improve your alertness and concentration.


Guarana or caffeine?

Guarana, it is a plant that contains caffeine.
The effects of caffeine on sports performance are now well documented.
It constitutes a neurostimulant which promotes the secretion of dopamine and thus improves levels of energy, endurance and concentration.

Human studies using a variety of exercise protocols have shown improvements in performance after caffeine consumption. Caffeine has very different effects from one individual to another; This is why we advise you to integrate it as often as possible into your training to observe your own sensitivity and receptivity.


Already because the stimulating effects of caffeine are much shorter lasting than those of guarana.
With guarana, the feeling of energy is more diffuse and progressive, exactly what we are looking for when we are an endurance athlete to remain as stable as possible throughout the duration of the effort.

Then, caffeine causes side effects in certain people (palpitations, arrhythmia, anxiety or even nervousness) which can be counterproductive for optimal sports performance.

However, studies on guarana have shown that it seems to have positive effects on cognitive tasks at rest. but without the negative effects associated with taking caffeine. Which makes this another important reason to choose guarana over caffeine.


Clinical studies have shown that taking guarana leads to significant improvements in the performance of cognitive tests.
Effects are also visible on alertness, concentration, and attention.
Considering the caffeine content (9 to 11%) ingested in this study, the authors suggest that the effects are not only attributable to its caffeine content.

Guarana actually improves alertness and concentration, which can be very important in endurance sports where the intensity and duration of the effort would tend to reduce lucidity.

 Guarana also has antioxidant properties

We know that practicing regular and more or less intense physical activity leads to greater production of free radicals involved in the process of oxidative stress.
To remedy this, it is necessary to consume more antioxidants than the normal population.
This is why our Citron gel contains, as with all other ATLET products, acerola powder.

Here the acerola is accentuated by the antioxidant effect of guarana.

 Guarana speeds up recovery

Organic guarana prevents the appearance of cramps and aches by promoting the elimination of lactic acid.
 This allows for a less painful recovery.

Consuming guarana at the start of the day promotes deeper and more restorative sleep, therefore ideal when the training load is greater.

 Guarana is a natural fat burner

Its consumption is often associated with weight loss, usually in combination with green tea. It's not a classic fat burner. Within the plant we do not only find caffeine but also numerous tannins (antioxidants) and catechins. These active compounds may help reduce appetite and limit food cravings. By reducing your food intake, it can help reduce your body's overall calorie intake.

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This product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Find details of health claims on our dedicated page
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ATLET - ORGANIC Energy Gels (8x25g) - Discovery Pack
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