You know us mainly as an actor of e-commerce, very present (too? ;-)) on social networks to offer you what we think is the best offer of sports nutrition products at the best conditions.

But although we are not a social enterprise, we have been trying, since our inception, to best combine business and social goals.

We would like to take advantage of this space to present several initiatives that we support by allowing you to donate 10% of your future purchases to one of these social projects.

These projects share the link between sporting achievements and the social and / or societal purpose. They are all worn by individuals who have put their passion for sport at the service of an issue higher than their personal achievements and feats.
Congratulations to Guy, Simon, Jean-Francois, Frederic, Loic, Guillaume, Sebastien ... and all those who accompany them.

Their state of mind seduced us, it is also to share that we get up in the morning.

Discover, like, share and support during your purchases these projects:

Beyou (Luxembourg):

Guy has chosen to support the prevention and fight against violence and bullying in schools and cyber violence.

Discover the association Marion The Tense Hand



During your payments use the code BEYOU or use the following automatic link:


Simon work to give kids in Africa something fun and a chance to really enjoy life. All the money raised and equipment offered goes straight to the kids who need it most.

AKTIVKIDZ - Helping children in Africa

During your payments use the code AKTIVKIDZ or use the automatic link following:

1000 Heart Kms (Belgium):

Jean-Francois, Frédéric, Loic and a dozen amateur sportsmen embark on extreme challenges to raise funds to fight against serious diseases of children (cancer, AIDS, Mucovicidosis, ...)

During your payments use the code 1000KMS or use the following automatic link:

Association EXISTE (France):

We will donate 10% of purchases using the code JEXISTE10 to the association, give lots for raffle and put on sale a PACK JEXISTE in the coming weeks.

Sébastien: "I want through this page to promote the association" I exist "association dedicated to children polyhandicapes and their families. Association located in Limoges (Haute Vienne): my native lands.
It is a small association helping 4 children and their families in their daily lives.

7000 kms to exist what is it?

During your payments use the code JEXISTE10 or use the following automatic link:

Amber-against-Mucoviscidosis (France):

Guillaume is a triathlete since 2008 and runs for a good cause ... Amber, a little girl is suffering from muscovisidosis. Guillaume chained an Ironman, trails and military raids, championships of France !!

Discover the project on the page Facebook.

Amber-against-cystic fibrosis

During your payments use the code AACM or use the following automatic link:

Our action does not stop with these projects, we work permanently with the sportsmen wishing to join us.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Because sport gives more than oneself

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