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"Support and effectively improve your performance while taking care of your best friend and tool: your body"

Kevin Baldauf

This ambassador, both educator and ultra trail runner, is a true enthusiast who follows training sessions to achieve his goals.

Present mainly throughout the Grand Est, Kévin trains 5 to 6 times a week and never ceases to surpass himself.

His 2021 goal was the 200km (10.000 D +) of the Infernal Trail des Voges ... just that!

Despite the abandonment and the immense disappointment that accompanies him during this race, Kévin has learned a lot from it and only postpones this goal to 2022.

"Consuming at Nutri-Bay is the certainty of having what you need, when you need it!"

Among our wide range of products, Kévin nevertheless has his preferences ...

In terms of hydration:

High5 energy drink protein 4: 1

High5 Zero Pastilles

In terms of nutrition:

Baouw's purees and bars

Lucho Dillitos fruit pastes made from Guava with their ultra natural packaging in dried leaves!

You can continue to follow the news of our ambassador Kévin Baldauf via his social networks:

Clement Eberly

This 34-year-old sports instructor in the army has been practicing triathlon since 2014.

With his 20 hours of training per week, our ambassador has accumulated good performances over the years.

19th on the Gerardmer XL in 2015;

16th on Ironman de Vichy in 2016 (8:55 am);

1st on the half south Vendée (4:03);

4th on the Ironman Frenchman in 2019 (8:51 a.m.);

5th on L du Mont Blanc in 2019;

7th on the Tour's man in 2021 (3h56)

"Fast delivery, always in stock, little messages on each package 📦"

Among the products that Clément consumes, there are 3 that he particularly likes ...

PowerBar Gels

PowerShot erasers from PowerBar

Drinks from High5

You can continue to follow our ambassador Clément Eberly on his social networks:

Instagram: clement_eberly_triathlete

Facebook: clement eberly - triathlete

Simon semes

At 31, this amateur athlete in search of new challenges practices running, cycling and triathlon.

With his 6 weekly running sessions, our ambassador trains around 8 hours a week, which allows him to record very good times:

5km in 15'22

10km in 31'33

Semi in 1h12'28 ''

Marathon in 2h44'48 ''

Iron man 70.3 in 4h50'48 ''

"Products always at the top with real advice, all accompanied by a little something to the key"

Simon is a follower of 2 big brands that are Maurten and Clif. The Clif bars as well as the Maurten gels provide him with the necessary energy to achieve his goals.

Find the evolution of our ambassador Simon Semes on his social networks Facebook et Instagram

Sebastien Welter

Our 33-year-old ambassador discovered cycling in 2003. If the nature and sensations side attracted him, he quickly wanted to add to it surpassing oneself, the challenge and the competition.

With his 5 to 7 weekly outings, Sébastien has made his performances a real obsession. Indeed, he is very demanding with himself, and constantly pushes his limits to be able to evolve at the highest possible level.

Honors 2020-2021

4 Islands MTB UCI Stage Race (Croatia): 23rd in a duet with L. Thilly

In 2020:
XCM Mountain Bike World Championship (Sakarya - Turkey): 39th
XCM Mountain Bike French Championship (Transmaurienne): 78th
XCO Elites MTB French Championship (Les Ménuires): 76th

Awards before 2020

Before 2020:
104th at the XCO Elites World Cup - La Bresse 2018
Grand Est Master champion in 2018
43rd French MTB XCO Elites Championship in 2017
Lorraine XCO and XCM champion in 2015
5 participations in the Transvésubienne
4 podiums at the MB Race in 4 participations (over all distances 70km, 100km and 140km)
3 Ultra Raids of La Meije
A multitude of XC Marathon in France and in Europe
More than forty rounds of the Coupe de France XC Olympique
A multitude of regional XC Olympic races

"The feeling of having in front of a team that bends over backwards to deliver you as quickly and in the most accommodating way"

Regarding its top 3 products:

the High 5 protein drink for all types of effort
Baouw purees for both long and intense efforts (like the XC Marathon), mixed with Baouw bars
The Clif bars for very long efforts (Ultra marathon), and training. In addition, we can share them, everyone loves!

Find now the adventures of our ambassador, Sébastien Welter, on his social networks Facebook, Instagram as well as on top Strava

Dylan Heynen

At 28, Dylan is a cyclist participating in road competitions in the elite category without a contract.

Very present in road cycling competition, he also practices downhill mountain biking, swimming and running.

During his 14 to 19 hours of training per week, Dylan continues to improve, which allows him to stay on top ... and to continue to fulfill his record:
20x top 10 
13x top 5
3 victories and one victory in the general classification in 2019 for the Sombreffe - Mettet - Mornimont race challenge.

"A careful team, super fast deadlines as well as quality products with always a little personalized note that makes you happy!"

Our ambassador is one of our best customers and among his many orders, the products he prefers are:
High5 Aqua Gels
The Recovery Drink from High5
The isotonic drink from GoldNutrition (Gold Drink).

You can find all the news of our ambassador on his social networks:
Facebook: Dylan Heynen
Instagram: dylan_heynen

Maxime Dewez

Only 18 years old, Maxime has been triathlon for almost 3 years. He trains a lot for one and the same goal: to become as strong as possible.

We are happy to be able to help Maxime achieve his daily goals!

"Ordering from Nutribay means ensuring quality service, fast and full of advice!"

Maxime's 3 favorite products are:

- The High five recovery drink, chocolate taste 😍

- Goldnutrition endurance salt bar 👍

- Clif chocolate almond fufge bars 🤩

Carole Chambeau

At the professional level, our radiant ambassador has financial training but no longer wants to work in this sector, she recycles herself by focusing on projects where people are the main source of motivation, such as the organization of wellness stays.

At the sporting level, our ambassador is just as radiant since, as a nature lover, she practices many sports such as running, cycling (mountain biking, road, gravel) but also skiing (cross-country, hiking ).


In general, Carole trains 5 times a week including a cycling session, training on an athletics track, a long run. When approaching a goal, or a competition, our ambassador does not shy away from adding a sixth session, in order to be able to move up in the ranges and then excel as she is used to.

As evidenced by his record, which may leave more than one speechless:

- Belgian vice champion of long trail in 2018
- 3rd in 2019 on short trail
- Belgian trail champion 2020
- 2nd at the Verticausse
- Some MTB podiums  

"Serious, fast, personalized service by passionate and friendly people. Everything that does not usually characterize online service!"

Here is a small list of the products that Carole likes to consume:

- Overstim's Hydrixir long distance drink with a red fruit flavor

- The Cliff bars, which all tastes are delicious, nourishing and very complete in carbohydrates and minerals

- Maurten gels

- And finally teas , Carole is a big fan of tea.

You can follow the adventures of our ambassador Carole Chambeau directly on her Instagram

Tarik Moukrime

Tarik is a Belgian athlete, a specialist in the 1500m but who is starting to become a long-distance athlete.

Our ambassador spends a lot of time on the slopes, since he trains 10 to 11 times a week, which represents approximately between 120 and 140km in just one week.

Personal records and awards

All these trainings allow him to have very high personal bests as well as a very appreciable track record:
- Over 800m: 1:46:96
- Over 1500m: 3:35:95
- Over 5000m: 13:42
- On 10km road: 28:34
- Several times Belgian 1500m outdoor and indoor champion
- 8th at the European Championship in Zurich in 2014
- French champion in cross court in 2017
- French Indoor 1500m champion in 2018

"A lot of different and varied product. Advice from the choice of products according to the effort and your sport. And a little attention to the customer who always pleases"

With his huge weekly dose of workouts, Tarik needs recovery products, but not only ... Here is the list of his 3 favorite products:

- MC3 Sticks from Stimium
- Overstim's recovery drink
- BCAA Powder from GoldNutrition

Follow Tarik's progress on his social networks
Instagram: tarik_moukrime
Facebook: Moukrime tarik - official

Sébastien Negrier

Sébastien, 46, is a teacher in BTS Carpentry and Timber Frameworks by profession. Father of two young girls, he lives in Brittany.

An amateur sportsman who has been practicing triathlon for 20 years, Sébastien has been preparing projects for 3 years in collaboration with Nutri-Bay.
Sports and association projects to promote disability and in particular to work with children. First of all, three projects have already been developed in partnership with Nutri-Bay:
- The Half Ironman of the Sentier Mountains in 2018
- The Ironman Mont tremblant Canada in 2018
- The Swedeman Extrem triathlon in 2019

Personal records and honors

Real passionate about his sport, Sébastien trains on average between 6 and 9 times a week, which corresponds to 10 to 20 hours of training per week.

Training that allows him to have a series of personal bests:
- On 10kms road: 35'50
- Half marathon: 1h16'34 ''
- On a marathon: 3h13 '
- On S-format triathlon: 1h07
- On triathlon format M: 2h14
- On L-format triathlon: 5:14 (Vichy 2013)
- On ironman format triathlon with elevation (MONT TREMBLANT CANADA 2018): 11:12
- On extreme format triathlon (SWEDEMAN 2019): 15:58 p.m. 

"Incomparable quality and price, always close to the consumer as much on the advice as for the speed of delivery. Without forgetting the little personal attention which gives pleasure"

Here are some products that Sébastien loves during his sporting challenges:

- Clif Bloks taste gums
- Oat King bars with peanut butter
- The High5 energy drink, tropical taste

Go follow Sébastien and contribute to his projects for a good cause by subscribing to his Facebook page:
@ 7000kms to exist

Celine Leroi

Our ambassador, graphic designer has been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis since she was 21 years old. Degenerative inflammatory disease. Now 38, she performs personal cycling challenges each year to raise funds for research in rheumatology and to highlight patients with inflammatory rheumatic types.

With her 4 to 6 sessions per week, Céline has an extraordinary track record:
- Master of the Brotherhood of 7 Majors (47h)
- Cinglée du Ventoux (the 3 slopes in 9h)
- Crossing the Alps in 2020 in 7 days.
- Crossing the Pyrenees in 2021 in 8 days.

"The advantage of consuming at Nutri-Bay is not only the diversity of product choices, the advice given, the speed of delivery, but also the little words or gifts that are always great pleasure"

Celine's favorite products include:
- The delicious Veloforte bars which are super easy to eat on the bike.
- Oat King pancake powder, for a great breakfast before a big outing.
- PowerBar energy bars for their super easy texture to consume on the bike.

Follow now the challenges and the fight of our flamboyant ambassador via her social networks Facebook and Instagram:
My SPONDY Cycling Challenge 

Dylan magnien

Dylan, 26, has been a professional triathlete since 2019. He who studied sports with a license in sports training, has now been coaching triathlon for 3 years.

With around 30/35 hours of training in winter and 20/25 hours in competition, our ambassador can be proud of what he has already accomplished:
- 2 times 3rd in the French elite long distance championship
- 2nd Pro at the Ironman 70.3 Cascais in 2019
- Qualification for the Ironman 70.3 Worlds in 2021  

"Nutri-Bay is a wide choice of quality products, for all tastes with a very very fast delivery and always good advice to use the products according to our needs" 

Dylan is a big fan of Maurten products, be it 100 gels or Drink Mixes, he uses them all races.
Besides that, he particularly adores:
- Clif bars, White Chocolate Macadamia taste
- La Malto Apurna, peach taste 

Our ambassador awaits you on his social networks:
Facebook: Dylan magnien
Instagram: dmagnian 

Develop expertise and share it!

Over these early years, our team (i.e. us 2 😉) has been active in the endurance sports scene and has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience of the benefits of nutrition in endurance sports. We are passionate about sharing this knowledge with our customers in order to improve their performance and help them prevent injuries. We offer a range of services ranging from FREE nutrition advice and guidance to outreach seminars to clubs, teams or businesses. We have also established links with nutritionist / dietitian partners who, beyond our initial advice, take over for more advanced support.

We want to change the sports nutrition shopping experience.


First of all by allowing to buy from a single product to allow easy testing. We also offer multi-brand packs (gels, bars, ...) which will give you direct access to a selection of our best sellers.

Our discounts according to quantities (purchase by complete boxes or Mix of tastes) also allow significant savings.

Finally, we reward your loyalty - each purchase generates points, which you can convert into a voucher of 5, 10 or 25 €. You also earn additional points by following our social networks, by sponsoring friends, ... For that. just create an account.

We wanted to create a brand symbolizing the quality of our services but also recognized for its support for the sports community.

We therefore support a team of ambassadors, made up of endurance athletes, but also events and challenges.

Finally, in addition to offering you what we believe to be the best offer of sports nutrition products and services at the best conditions, we have tried, since our creation, to combine commercial and social objectives as well as possible.

We therefore support several initiatives by different means:

by allowing you to donate 10% of your future purchases to one of these social projects.

by offering products by contributing by registering teams for events ... The projects that are important to us have in common the link between sporting achievements and social and / or societal goals. They are all worn by individuals who have put their passion for sport at the service of an issue higher than their personal performances and exploits. We are proud to be associated with it.




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