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A practical test ... what are the blood glucose levels after eating Innerme energy bars?

How much energy does an Inner Energy bar really provide?

What happens in the body when you eat our energy bars? What is the effect on your blood sugar?

I did a hands-on test with a glucometer to see when and for how long an energy bar provides energy.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The test was performed with a Cotour Nextone glucometer. By pricking your finger and analyzing the resulting drop of blood, you can determine blood glucose levels with this device.

I did the test in the morning on an empty stomach since 15 p.m. 

During this test, I passively did administration and some household chores. I had not exercised, neither before nor during the measurement. - At 10:00 am, a first injection indicating a glucose value of 99 mg / dl or 5,5 mmol / L. I obtained this value after having been on an empty stomach for 15 hours. 

- A few minutes later, I ate 2 Innerme energy bars 40 g. Together, these 2 bars correspond to 52g of carbohydrates, 8g of protein, 8g of fat and 2,5g of fiber.

- 5 minutes after eating these bars there was no increase in my glucose. After 15 min., There is a slight increase. And the energy continued to increase slightly until 1:30 a.m. The peak corresponded to 1h30, so after eating the energy bars, with a value of 143 mg / dl or 7,9 mmol.

- After 1:30 am, my glucose started to drop again slightly until 2:15 am.

Only after 2:15, after eating 2 Innerme energy bars, I had regained the glucose value with which I started. Below you can see all measurement values:

“2 energy bars effectively provide 2 hours and 15 minutes of energy” Dirk Baelus

- We obtained the desired result by developing the bar.
- Carbohydrates are absorbed slowly.
- This energy bar gives energy for a very long time.
- It is a healthy energy bar that gives subtle energy.
- The glucose value reaches a peak, but this peak is not extreme.

Nature keeps you going!
Article written by Dirk Baelus, originally published on, -glucosewaarden-in-het-bloed

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