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A stomach works out! Here are the 6 basic tips ...

To be interested in nutrition only the day before the test, or afterwards to recover is to miss the essential. A nutritious strategy is set up over the long term, and applies every day: a competitive stomach has to be earned!

Each training cycle has its goal: to increase endurance, speed, strength, technique, or even efficiency. In the same way, a nutritious strategy revolves around specific goals.

For a champion stomach

These goals can be varied: lose or gain weight, lose fat or increase muscle mass, or just be healthier. To achieve these goals, some nutritionists recommend a periodization of your nutritional strategy, just like your training schedule is "periodized".

Indeed, nutrition can be seen as a function depending on your energy expenditure and physical goals associated with each phase of your training cycle.


Here are some tips to help you eat efficiently:

  • A stomach, it heats up : It means finding the dishes and drinks you tolerate well during your workouts. The more intense your workouts, the more difficult the digestion will be : the blood circulation is concentrated to feed the muscles and turns away from the stomach. So, as your experience and the intensity of your sessions increases, it may be that what worked for you at the beginning becomes unsuitable. Nutrition must adapt. The ease of digesting and assimilating a sports nutrition product is a determining criterion. In order to reduce the risk of "rejection", it is important to identify and test new configurations. You have to find out what is the right "sequence" that will allow you to last over time and avoid these cramps and the accumulation of fatigue.
         It will essentially be a question of alternating:
  • different types of intake (in carbohydrates) from bars, gels, gums, drinks, compotes
  • different textures
  • different tastes
  Remember that taking gels must be accompanied by water.

  • Do tests : doubt about the best strategy to adopt during your next race? Test in almost real conditions during a trainingthis is the best way to see what works and what your body rejects. Training sessions as intense as your race will allow you to know what your stomach tolerates and what it rejects.
  • The devil is in the details: Your nutrition and hydration strategy must constantly evolve according to the context. Even a slight change of condition is not without consequences.
  • Prepare yourselves : In order not to deviate from your nutritional plan, the most about rest to make sure everything is ready and available for D-Day. Tomorrow's you will thank you.
  • Nature does things well: Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that will help you perform better, recover faster or just get in shape. Consistent and diversified consumption of fruits and vegetables is the basis of balanced nutrition.

In conclusion, even for the most capricious stomachs, there are always solutions based on healthy products, easy to digest, full of energy and very rarely rejected.

If you want to go further, contact us. and we will take the time to identify the best options with you.

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Good reading, good appetite and especially good perf!

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