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Feedback - Test - Holyfat Products

Hello friends, here is the feedback concerning holy fat
The positive points : 
-Healthy and natural ingredients
-Caloric density with 200 calories for only 28g of product
-The variation of flavors offered and the delicious taste
-The digestibility of the product
The negative points
-The pouches are not practical, it is difficult to easily and fully ingest the contents without the product flowing and leaving residue on the hands.
For my part, I think it is a good product that can be integrated into a sports nutrition strategy on long distance efforts.
Indeed, on this type of effort, it is imperative to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, in order to have progressive and diffused energy.
It is therefore preferable to move towards energy products richer in proteins and quality fats, while promoting the intake of sugars with a moderate glycemic index, this is the case with Holyfat.
On the other hand, Holyfat pouches are composed exclusively of fats, which must be supplemented by energy intake richer in carbohydrates (energy bars / energy drinks), in order to maintain an optimal level of performance.
On an ultra-endurance event in food autonomy, like the Bikingman corsica, Holyfat pouches allow you to have a significant energy reserve, for a minimum of product weight to be transported easily.
My favorite is the Vanilla or Cocoa Salt flavors, a delight.
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Klein Guillaume
Trail running personal trainer
Health sport nutrition expert
Ultra endurance specialist
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