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Ultra Trail Running Protocol - by Noël Minet

The nutritional protocol of Noël Minet during his last epic in Ultra Trail 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

First, here are some prerequisites for the situation in the Christmas Minet race:

- problems of nausea on exertion,

- no longer want to hydrate, eat,

- the sugar turns his stomach back.

Regarding the Race:

➡️ Infernal Trail of the Vosges: 130km - 6KD + 

Estimated duration: +/- 30h

7 Supplies every 20 km +/- and a life base halfway 

Departure at midnight

➡️ Food scheme:

"With a departure at midnight, it's a bit complicated, I'm not really used to leaving so early / late," Noël Minet tells us. He decides to have a last meal around 19 p.m. consisting of 3 fried eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread before his last nap.

Wake up at 22 p.m., dressing, rehydration with plain water and start of mental preparation for the race.

At 23 p.m., he set off for the start. He took his first dose of Maurten 320 to drink in small sips during the hour before departure.

"In my bag, I have planned 2 Baouw compotes (Sweet Potato-Carrot-Timu Pepper) and 1 SaltBar chocolate bar between each ravito. "he tells us, adding:" I have 3 stages before the base of life, so I have 6 Baouw, 3 SaltBar chocolate (that's good 3 flavors available 😜) and 2 Baouw bars in case I want something else ".

Although the Atlet sweet potato mash does not pass at home (more grainy texture and too pronounced almond taste), it is also highly recommended for long efforts, especially in Ultra Trail.

At the hydration level, the sweet taste of Maurten is too heavy to absorb in full race according to his point of view, which is why he divides the sachet of Maurten 320 in 2 in zip sachets. During each refreshment, it refills 1 flask (500cl) with Maurten 320 and 1 other flask with water. "I noticed that the outside temperature and the water temperature had an influence on the dissolution of the Maurten, I will be careful this time." he noticed during his run.

Christmas is also very well organized during its race with a large hydration sachet on the left which contains 2 half doses, a large food sachet on the right, and a bin behind. But in addition to that, it has this little extra that can make the difference: "20km between the first ravitos is long, very long, I have a 3rd flask in the back with a filter that allows me to drink no any water. "

➡️ The race:

"The protocol is well respected, even if it feels weird to eat salty / sweet during the night, I eat earlier in the race than usual and that allows me to manage well until the first refreshment." he said. Arrived at the first ravito, he takes stock and decides to stay in the same organizational scheme until the second ravito. "The night was not cold, no rain, I arrive serene at R2 even if a slight fatigue is felt. I continue on this protocol until the base of life (+/- mid race)" continues -he.

➡️ Base of life:

Arrived at the base of life, Noël Minet consumed almost all the food.

"So I embark the second bag for the rest, I take the opportunity to eat steamed potatoes and rehydrate myself more than necessary with water (that's always what you should not take ). " In terms of drinks, he skips the Maurten for the rest of the adventure, but he will leave all the same with 2X 500cl of Maurten320 (lying down).

➡️ Let the race continue:

When he leaves the base of life under the sun, he continues his diagram: 2 compotes / 1 chocolate. Although the chocolate melts with heat, it keeps its consistency, it does not fall apart in the packaging. “It's a hell of a discovery,” he adds. During the fourth ravito, he deviates slightly from his protocol by allowing himself a piece of cheese. The reason is simple, the fifth ravito is only 9km away, and it's almost only downhill. At the level of this fifth ravito, she allows herself to take 3 pieces of ham ... difficult to resist. As Noël Minet approaches the 100km and 24 hours of racing, he is still at the top hydration level, no risk, he continues in flat water. 

Arrived at the sixth ravito, he tries the soup and adds his "homemade" sushi. Before arriving at the seventh ravito, it always remains in the same configuration, that is to say: water, compote, chocolate bar. But once he gets to the ravito, he allows himself more largesse by swallowing a bowl of broth, ham, cheese (but still no quick sugar). 

Noël Minet ends the explanation of his running program by saying: "So I completed these 130km without any gastric problem, no nausea, no intestinal problem. Thank you JC for the many tips and the ways to work. I'm not still at the stage where I calculate the quantities of calories that I must swallow, I work more on the sensation and the feeling of the body. The only advice I would give: Test a maximum of products in training, never in the race 😉"

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