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Nutri-tips for preparing a mountain bike race


Mountain biking is a discipline that is practiced on various terrains with sometimes a lot of unevenness. It must be admitted that the courses can be dangerous, bringing at times a certain complexity. 

This discipline requires a lot of energy and optimal hydration to face the best races. 

Here are our tips Before, During, After in terms of nutrition: 



A energy bar or an energy drink in the 2h preceding the output. You can also take a genergy cake as a breakfast. 



We recommend a energy drink consume all 15min in 2 or 3 sip. Never wait to be thirsty! 

You can also take a energy gel or an energy bar every 45 minutes, see every hour. Favor the difficult passages and end of course. 



Of course, a recovery drink will be ideal. 500ML will suffice or a bottle ready for use. Drink 30min following the effort to launch the recovery phrase thanks to the rapidly available carbohydrates and proteins. 

A energy bar can also be perfect for recharging his batteries within the hour. 



- Keep your energy reserves on the whole of your race

- Avoid hydro-mineral losses by moisturizing to a maximum 

- Optimize your recovery to avoid cramps and muscle pain. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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