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Nutri-bay, the story of a sports nutrition site like no other.

It's rare ... even very rare ... even the first time the press talks about us because we are more of the discreet type ... a little gruff in our den ... No interview ... we bump 😉.

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Running Attitude
it's nice and we are even a little proud
Thanks to Sandrine Nail Billaud for this article🙏🙏🙏

Article published on: Running Attitude, written by Sandrine Nail Billaud

At the heart of sports practice

On the one hand Jean-Charles: 25 years of experience in research and development in the field of management, strategy, piloting of innovative organizations and on the other Shak, American, pharmacist with 20 years of experience in education and scientific popularization.

Jean-Charles is passionate about running, trail and mountain biking while Shak is passionate about fitness and nutrition. Here they are united with the idea of ​​creating a range of innovative, simple and high nutritional quality nutrition products to cover all the essential needs of athletes in terms of hydration, energy intake and muscle building.

But in this world of the sports nutrition market, the two friends will quickly realize that it is not so simple and that far from being a niche, sports nutrition has codes that must be mastered with brands. already present in the field. It is above all the volume of investments to be injected which will quickly turn out to be much higher than what they had planned. Also, not to run out of steam on this idea of ​​an innovative range, is born by offering for sale online major brands of nutrition certainly, but also, and this is where the site begins to differentiate themselves, young craft companies to give them a chance by favoring proximity, product quality and above all the notion of customer relationship.

Personalized parcel

If there is one thing that is remarkable about the site, it is this customer relationship. In fact, each package ordered is shipped with a few handwritten words from Jean-Charles himself. A foolproof positivism that feels good!

If the regular sportsman comes to buy on the site knowing generally what he wants to order, for the others, undecided on the choices to be made in terms of hydration, nutrition or even recovery, a real support is offered to the sportsman of endurance (running all distances, trail and ultra trail, triathlon, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, fitness, crossfit, etc.). Thus, each practitioner, amateur or elite, can make the best choice of products according to his sporting practice. A blog also provides access to a multitude of information and a network of “nutri-bay” ambassadors (mostly amateurs but also a few elites) maintains a constant presence on social networks.

Finally, the little extra of Nutri-bay is also this support for social actions: the site allows customers to donate 10% of their order to social projects or associations. These projects all have in common that they make the link between sporting exploits linked to an issue that is very often beyond simple sporting performance.

And during this health crisis?

The disaster: all amateur runners have greatly reduced their practice, and there were very few races between June and September 2020. These athletes, with a semi, marathon or ultra project, usually test their nutrition before the start of the race. 'test, then they buy back what they need for the big day. These amateur runners who become regular users over the months, faced with their first long competition, come to find what they need in sports nutrition to be a finisher! These are all athletes who will not place an order during this period of uncertainty and the absence of a clear prospect of resuming competitions.

Sport delivery by bike

It was to adapt to the crisis that Jean Charles and Shak had the idea of ​​offering zero waste packs for sale, made up of products with a very short expiration date and sold at cost price so as not to have them. throw away.

In the idea of ​​useful gestures for the planet, at the time of the first confinement, Jean-Charles said to himself that he could continue to deliver orders… by bike! Certainly within a radius of 50 km maximum because the trailer is heavy on the back of his bike. But he did it for the greatest joy of his customers, who, in addition to receiving their products, were entitled to a visit from Jean-Charles, essential in this complicated time, deprived of human connection, of gathering, of exchange and sporting events. Yes, the customer relationship, human contact, are values ​​to be preserved and it is for this reason that we fell in love with this site, battered like many other players in sports events during this complicated period of pandemic.

Article published on: Running Attitude, written by Sandrine Nail Billaud

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