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Swimming: Good nutrition for better workouts!

In swimming, training is a very intense and demanding exercise. The body consumes a lot of energy, muscle mass is in high demand and dehydration can be significant. The choice of a suitable sports nutrition will allow you to improve comfort and greatly increase the performance of your sessions. The nutritional strategy for swimming training can be organized according to the three main phases of the effort:  


BEFORE: Establish essential reserves

Energy: Swimming training often takes place early in the morning, at lunch time or at the end of the day. In short, long after the last meal. It is fundamental to bring to the body intake of sugars and proteins in order to replenish energy reserves you will need during your session. An insufficient level of energy is the risk of a badly exploited session because of fatigue and a loss of motivation. This is often the case when you enter the pool with a very ambitious training program and during the session, tiredness related to fatigue whispered to us to lower our requirements.

An hour to 45 minutes before the session, we recommend swimmers to eat a mixture of concentrated sugars and proteins, because the portion must be small so as not to overload the digestive system. An energy bar with specially adapted composition will fit perfectly.



Hydration: Hydration is the most important element of the nutritional strategy. Always remember that 1% dehydration causes a 10% drop in performance. 2% dehydration leads to a 20% drop in performance, etc.

The general principle of hydration is regularity. We strongly advise swimmers not to drink large quantities just before training, even an hour before. It is best to hydrate regularly in small sips throughout the day, throughout the week, even on days without training. If you train in the morning, do not hesitate to keep a glass or a bottle of water on your bedside table to take a few sips if you happen to wake up at night.


WHILE: Increase session performance

Energy and hydration: In swimming, the body's energy reserves are called upon from the start of training. Likewise, muscle fiber is immediately put to the test. It is better to avoid eating solid foods because digestion in a horizontal position is very difficult and may seriously disturb you.

We advise swimmers to consume an effort drink throughout the training in order to maintain their energy reserves and optimal hydration level. You will leave a container next to the pad and drink a few sips every 15 minutes, between two series.


AFTER: Optimizing recovery

The recovery process after swimming training is a very important step in your sports nutrition strategy. Indeed, it is he who will allow your body to fully assimilate the effects of your work and also to regenerate to be back in shape for the next session. A poorly nutritionally optimized recovery process can create latent fatigue throughout the day after training and / or sleep disturbances. In swimming, the issue of recovery is threefold: Regenerate muscle fibers, replenish glycogen stores and rehydrate the body in water, mineral salts and vitamins.


The association a protein-enriched bar et a recovery drink within half an hour after the end of training, you will achieve these recovery goals.




YOU HESITATE? LET'S SET UP YOUR NUTRITION PACK - SWIMMING TRAINING SPECIAL can help you build your "Swimming Training Pack" personalized containing all the sports nutrition products useful for the optimization of the three phases of the nutritional strategy in Swimming (Before, During, After).

We will compose a pack with you to provide you with energy inputs, maintain a optimal hydration and finally heal your recovery.

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