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Digestive problems during exercise, by Guillaume Klein

????Digestive problems????

During an endurance test, especially in the context of running and trail running, the digestive system is strained due to repeated shocks causing damage to the intestines.
There is also a phenomenon of digestive ischemia with a loss of blood supply to the intestinal system for the benefit of the muscular organs.

! ️A blatant observation! ️

👉 Inability to eat
👉 vomiting
👉 Sweet disgust
Numerous digestive discomforts during exercise that participants encounter during endurance events, and the longer the duration, the more recurring the problem.

➡️ The results :

❌ More fuel = more energy
❌ Decreased performance
❌ Abandonment of the race
A problem that results from the non-respect of the principles of nutrition "health performance".

➡️ 2 axes to be taken into consideration:

1️⃣ The daily food base

It is the nutritional balance of each day that will make it possible to benefit from beneficial effects on energy yield, digestive comfort, recovery and consequently to optimize performance factors.
👉 What to eat during the different meals of the day?
👉 What are the nutritional needs?
👉 How to optimize digestion and health factors?
It is a healthy and healthy lifestyle in the long term, and not a "sports diet" which will lay the foundations for energy and assimilation.

2️⃣ The specificities of sports nutrition

In addition to a balanced daily food base, specific quality sports nutrition will protect against digestive problems during exercise, while optimizing performance.
👉 How to eat before exercise?
👉 What energy products are used during training and competitions?
👉 How to manage nutrition after sport to promote recovery?
Like training, food is an element that must be prepared, and tested during dedicated sessions, in order to best determine a nutritional strategy to put in place during the competition phase.
A specific approach that is part of the continuity of the nutritional balance of daily “health performance”.
🔴 Nutrition is only one of the elements of the “performance pyramid” and will act in synergy with all the “health performance” factors (adapted training, quality of sleep, stress and emotional management, etc.) that I use with the "EPIC Method".

This content was published by our Ambassador Guillaume Klein (Personal Coach Expert in sports nutrition and health / Ultra endurance specialist)

  • Nutriformation graduate specializing in micronutrition and nutritherapy
  • Trained in sports nutrition by the Evonutri Positive Nutrition Academy
  • Ultra Trail coach trained by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Athletics League
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz professional group (since 2018)
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz training center (since 2019)
  • Creator of the EPIC® method

Passionate about sport, and ultra endurance athlete in running and ultra cycling, Guillaume was able to test on himself the benefits of a natural nutritional balance, appropriate to his real needs, and of a specific adapted training. Guillaume appreciates quality products which respect the nutritional needs of the athlete, but also from a health point of view, a composition as natural as possible.

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