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Nutri-tips to prepare a Duathlon

First and foremost, it's important to note that it's not easier to have a Duathlon without a swim test than it is to have a Triathlon. There are also several distances in this practice up to 6h effort! It is therefore important to prepare your diet and hydration, before and during the race, whether on the bike or on foot. 



An energy bar ou energy drink within 2 hours BEFORE the Duathlon You can also plan a third of energy cake, ideal as breakfast. 



Two energy gelss, one during the running phase and one during the passage of the second phase running. An energy bar when you are on the bike will be welcome. Hydrate yourself with a energy drink or water. A few sips every 15min will be ideal for maintaining optimal hydration.


A recovery drink is as its name suggests, ideal to recover. To consume during the half-hour after the effort. Proteins and carbohydrates will start the recovery phase thanks to their rapid assimilation. 

You can also take an energy bar if your next meal will be more than one hour after the end of the effort. 



- Constantly maintain your energy reserves at each stage of the Duathlon

- Moisturize regularly during your phases and at each refueling 

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