The benefits of bees for your tone

If we are more weakened at the approach of winter, the bees, they remain tireless! 

Their power for our health is no longer to be proven, each hive product has its virtues. Honey, propolis or royal jelly; find out how to use these natural products to boost your tone !

Honey :

Grandmother's remedy par excellence, honey is a natural product. These effects on our body are multiple. Complete energy food with a low glycemic index, it is easily assimilated and therefore very digestible. Perfect for our intestinal flora, honey can be used to improve your tone. 

Moreover, this product of the hive; rich in vitamins and minerals is ideal for treating a sore throat or an irritated throat.

Propolis : 

Made by bees from plant resins and wax, it is above all used as a protective barrier for the hive (fills in any cracks, cleans and disinfects). These many nutrients allow it to fight against the vagaries of winter by strengthening our tone. 

Like honey, propolis can be used in case of colds or irritated throats.

Royal jelly : 

Secreted by young worker bees and reserved for the queen bee, royal jelly has great nutritional values. 

It is able to provide us with essential nutrients for our body: water, B vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, saturated fatty acids, its very complete composition plays an essential role in the functioning of our brain. 

The hormones secreted by royal jelly also help fight against stress, fatigue and sleep. 

Indeed, at the same time invigorating and energizing, it is particularly recommended in case of temporary fatigue or lack of vitality. 


It is also recommended after a strenuous sporting effort which required drawing on energy reserves. 

An royal jelly treatment can thus be interesting for the sportsmen. Our organic tonic royal jelly treatment improves your tone.

To guarantee its effect, we advise you to take 3 capsules on an empty stomach in the morning with a large glass of water for 20 days.


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