Nutrition is one of the keys to having fun and achieving your goals in trail running. Benoît Nave, one of the most renowned experts in sports nutrition, coach of many champions including Xavier Thévenard, triple winner of the UTMB, gives you here 15 rare and precise tips that you will not hear from anyone go elsewhere, To consume without moderation !
If you want to make a success of your next trail or your ultra-trail, it's here! 


Trail nutrition advice N°1: "Consider trail running as an alibi for good nutrition"

“It is well known: happiness does not reside in the summit but on the path that leads to it! The same goes for trail running. Happiness does not only reside in winning the competition but rather in achieving a full race, feeling maximum pleasure and achieving your goals on "D-Day". However, this feeling of fullness cannot be unearthed without relevant nutrition. Indeed, a good diet determines the proper functioning of the body, the brain, the legs, the heart, the emotions... My recommendation is therefore to make your desire to enjoy trail running one of the answers to "Why eat better ?" »

Nutrition trail advice N°2: "Look for a healthy diet rather than a competitive diet"

“Before going to look for the last percentages of performance – the famous marginal gains, those that allow champions to raise their arms over the finish line – I recommend that trail runners make sure they are already solid on their fundamentals. By this I mean healthy daily nutrition, made up of raw, unprocessed, organically grown and seasonal foods. Having a diet that allows you to be in good health, even before going for a competition diet, is already a guarantee of pleasure and performance in trail running. »

Trail nutrition advice N°3: “On trail running, the key organ is the intestine »

“In trail running, as in most sports, you tend to focus on your heart, your muscles and your head... often neglecting the key organ: the intestine! Its role is crucial. It constitutes the main zone of exchanges with the external environment. Everything passes through the intestine. Due to this, the proper functioning of this organ determines the optimal activity of all the others. But how do you take care of it? By the health food mentioned above, which protects against this inflamed state of the intestine, at the origin of states of fatigue, digestive disorders and other injuries. »

Nutrition trail advice N°4: “Adopt the principles of chrononutrition”

“To put it simply, chrononutrition is about giving the body what it needs, at the right time. So it's a matter of timing. This, in particular, to promote the secretion of the four neurotransmitters constituting the pillars of an individual's behavior. In this logic, a rule of chrononutrition seems absolutely fundamental to me: bring a maximum of proteins in the morning, rather than carbohydrates. Hence my recommendation of a breakfast with a salty component, with eggs, ham, sardines or vegetable proteins, rather than the one that is customary in our French culture, based on cereals and sandwiches. For what ? Because a lack of protein and a surplus of carbohydrates block the secretion of neurotransmitters, causing obsessive behavior, a lack of motivation to exercise and poor quality sleep. » uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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