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Meet Geordan Dupire, our GoldNutrition Ambassador

In this blog article, we invite you to meet our ambassador Geordan Dupire, football goalkeeper of the Football Club Swift Hesperange in BGL Luxembourgeoise, the highest level of national football.

While the Hesperange club has been playing at the highest level since 2013, Geordan joined Swift in 2021. Since then, the club has played at the top of the rankings every year, even managing to qualify for the Europa Conference League during the 2021-2022 season. 

While unknown until then, the Swift Hesperange recently made the rounds of sports newspapers, and in particular the famous Journal "L'Equipe" on January 2, which headlined: 

Happy to see this "unusual" record, we took the opportunity to interview Geordan and share with you the values ​​and professionalism of our ambassador who came to visit us a week before his departure for the winter internship in Spain! 

Hi Geordan, thank you for giving us some of your time (...) Can you tell us a bit about football, when you started, and the values ​​that you believe it promotes? 

"For me, football is a real passion, it's much more than a hobby, it's my whole life! I started at the age of 3 and I've always played as a goalkeeper. For me, football is a collective sport in which solidarity and respect are essential. It is also a sport that requires a lot of sacrifices, especially when you want to become a professional. For my part, I had to leave my family very young".

You play in a championship (Luxembourg) with very little media coverage, and yet your team made the headlines at the start of the year... Can you tell us a bit about this famous "record" that everyone is talking about, when few people know you?

"Yes indeed, at present, (and at least until February 12 - date of the resumption of the championship) we are the only undefeated team at European level this season! To be honest, I don't really look at the statistics of other clubs abroad, but it's true that for the past few weeks, everyone's been talking about that... whether in France, Belgium and even in the Netherlands and other countries. And yet, the level of the Luxembourg championship is not that of a Ligue 1 (French championship), but rather that of a Ligue 2 so it's quite surprising to see our name everywhere. The advantage is that it highlights the Luxembourg championship and shows that here too, there are very good clubs like ours". 

You have been one of our ambassadors for a year and a half now... We know how much you appreciate the products GoldNutrition ! Can you tell us what your favorites are and why you eat them? 

"So, number one, I would say the Fast recovery because in my opinion, it is the most important. I take it after each session, regardless of the intensity, and it allows my body to recover well, especially after very intensive sessions!

Then, as a top athlete, hydration is super important, so I would say golddrink. The product perfectly meets my energy needs during training sessions and gives me a big boost when I need it. 

On the last step of the podium, I put the Extreme Bars ! I take them on game days, 35 minutes before hitting the field to settle my stomach. In addition, the bar contains caffeine, which means extra energy. 

Apart from that, I also consume the Boost Plus Gels and Extreme Fluid Gels, mainly during longer sessions (in general, more than 2 hours) as well as at half-time of each match to give me a boost when I leave the locker room. These gels allow me to always have maximum energy, but also to be able to stay focused during matches and training. 

Finally, every morning during breakfast, I take Multivitamins and capsules ofOmega +. They give me the vitamins and minerals my body needs for the day." 

Do you have a particular protocol for the use of these products... Perhaps depending on the intensity of your matches and/or training? 

"The intensity of the sessions has no particular impact on my protocol, except that in general I plan to take a rapid assimilation gel after about 1 hour when the sessions are more intensive. It allows me to be sure to hold on until the end. But otherwise, I try to keep the same protocol at each session because my body is used to it".

To end this interview, what can we wish you both personally, but also collectively for your future? 

“On a personal level, I want to play as long as possible at the highest level and we will see what the future holds for me. Collectively, we hope to win the title this year! We are only a small point behind Dudelange (1er), so the fight to win the championship promises to be tough but the title of champion would mean a place for qualification in the Champions League, which the club have never managed to do at the moment".

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