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"Shouldn't dream" show - Alpes Special - Interview Alexandre

 A month ago our friend and partner ALEXANDRE JOUS burst the screen during the show "Should not dream in the Pays de Savoie".

We take the opportunity to offer you to discover which athlete is behind the artist.

Here is the interview he gave us ...

Hi Alexandre, many know you as a speaker on the races, a runner and for a few days now a musician following the show "should not dream" in the Pays de Savoie. Can you tell us more ?
Hi JC and the whole Nutribay family!
I have been Alexandre Jous professional musician since the age of 17 (I'm 37).
I live mainly in Lyon but you can often see me in Metz as in Haute Savoie.
I play the French horn in an orchestra and am an international soloist on the alphorn (winner of several first international prizes)
I am also an event announcer in the fields of running and cycling since 2016 where I started by chance on the trail "the legend of Graoully"
From an early age I participated in the musical entertainment for the legendary race "the 20 kilometers of Maroilles" which gave me a passion for running.
Tell us about your schedule!
My schedule is very flexible and I think for 20 years there has never been 2 identical weeks lol
During the "non-covid" period, Monday is often my day of rest, storage of equipment ...
Then the rest of the week is a minimum of 3 hours of music per day, rehearsals, compositions, studio recordings, teaching and administration.
I manage my contracts, press solicitations and I program music groups for different events.
I also take time to look at the results and summaries of races both nationally and internationally, but also races in Grand-Est and the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region because these are the 2 regions where I work the most.
The weekend is reserved for event services, whether sporting or musical.
Sporting side I try to run 50 km and 1000d + minimum per week.
Living in Lyon, I do most of my trips by bike (between 50 and 150 kilometers per week). 
I participate in several competitions during the year on formats from 10 to 80 kilometers.
Since March 2020 everything is different because I have suffered cancellations and there is no visibility on a resumption for sporting events. On the music side, I took part in Youtube concerts with a brass ensemble, but also in live concerts with audiences far away in the mountains ...

With such a schedule and traveling to the 4 corners of the world do you manage to have a healthy lifestyle?
It has been more than ten years since I realized the importance of food on our productivity.
Before concerts it was very often platters of cold meats or regional specialties then petits fours and 3rd half watered lol.
In the recording studio thermos of coffee and pizzas while between two courses it's sandwich or packets of cakes in the car.
From now on I try more and more to manage a healthier diet with a lot of "homemade" when possible.
Before each climb on stage I eat a Baouw bar or recently a compote.
From an alcohol point of view, I never drink before playing or speaking on the microphone.

For sport and / or your daily life, what are your favorite products?
Without hesitation the Baouw range!
The cocoa bar for breakfast with a good coffee to start the day well, then depending on the time of a concert, for example, I juggle between beet bar Quinoa or Blackcurrant.
Pear and raspberry compotes are in my opinion perfect between a sports training and a repetition!
Baouw provides progressive energy through healthy food and does not cause me any intestinal problems

Even if the event lacks visibility, what is your upcoming news?
My first short film "Every mountain has the right to its music in Manigod (1)" is being edited and will be released in a few weeks.
Produced at the end of the 1st confinement, this film relates the southern crossing of the Aravis (the mountains of Manigod in Haute Savoie), i.e. 22 km, 3349 d + and music on 6 summits!
The official release is scheduled for the end of May and broadcasts with concerts can take place for clubs ...
A few concerts are of course planned while many have still just been canceled (covid cause), but the summer is shaping up to be good!
Speaking side the Foxtrail and the Graoully being canceled I should take the microphone of the Nivolet Revard (the race of Ugo Ferrari) on May 2, and I hope to take the start of the Maxirace at the end of May!
Thank you Alex and we wish you a good season and continue to make us dream thanks to your music but also behind your microphone!

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