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Finally a little visibility to the beneficial effect of vitamin D and Covid

As part of the fight against COVID-19, 73 French-speaking experts and six national learned societies gathered around Professor Cédric Annweiler, head of the Geriatrics department at the University Hospital of Angers, and Professor Jean-Claude Souberbielle, both specialists in vitamin D, call for supplementing with vitamin D the French population as a whole (and not only the elderly or at risk of severe form of COVID-19).

Reduce infection and severe forms of COVID-19

A growing number of scientific studies show that vitamin D supplementation (without replacing vaccination) would help reduce infection with SARS-CoV-2 as well as the risk of severe forms of COVID-19, resuscitation and death.

This collective of experts call for supplementing the population as a whole, not just older people.
What data are currently available in the literature? What practical messages to draw from this? What supplementation to offer for prevention and in the event of Covid? Position and recommendations of experts and French national learned societies. Read the full article on the website


In summary: it is advisable to know your vitamin D status well and to supplement it at the rate of +/- 1200 IU / day.

"In the absence of major risk associated with supplementation at an appropriate dose33 and given that approximately half of the general French population has hypovitaminosis D,34today everything is pushing people at risk of hypovitaminosis D to supplement vitamin D throughout the year (i.e. people 80 years old and over, or sick, or fragile, or dependent, or obese, or living in nursing homes), and the general population during the winter period.22The goal is for the majority of the general population to achieve a serum 25 (OH) D concentration between 20 and 60 ng / mL. The most methodologically sound studies indicate that intakes of 1 IU / d are necessary for this,35 which, in the absence of pharmaceutical forms of vitamin D adapted to a simple daily intake, could be replaced by a intake of 50 IU of vitamin D000 per month. Double this dose should be prescribed for obese subjects. This attitude in fact corresponds to respecting the recommendation (excluding Covid-19) to maintain a satisfactory vitamin D status in the general population, and therefore does not require waiting for the results of randomized controlled trials dedicated to Covid-19 to be applied. "

Complete article and bibliography on website


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