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Nutri-Bay @ XTERRA MAUI Ambassadors - Stories and photos Arnaud Taurelle: World Champion

Arnaud's story:

XTerra World Championship 2017 - Maui 🏝
After a little disappointment last year when I took the 4Ăšme in the category 25-29ans, I had the heart to do better, rich in this first experience.
The first days pass, big storm in the night from Monday to Tuesday, with more than 30cm of precipitation in the night (yes not mm but many cm!) Everything is ravaged, more current in the housing is impressive!
1Ăšre complete recce of the mountain bike circuit đŸš”, the ground is soggy, and one gets bogged down even in portions of clay, it is the horror! It looks good for Sunday ...
Fortunately the sun is gradually being redone on the island and the first parts of the circuit are already dry Thursday late afternoon 😊👍
Sunday 8h here we are in the transition park, we put all the business carefully and we head for the beach of departure. The stress goes up, I have chills, fortunately qu'Amandine is here to calm me and encourage me ...
We pass in front of the priest on the beach for a little Hawaiian blessing and here we are. The ocean is calm and there are no big waves, we are all reassured ????
9h, 1er cannon shot and the Pro rush into the ocean. 9h05, 2th cannon shot and here I go for 2 loops 750m. The sensations are good and I apply myself to put my swimming and do not tire my legs. Everything goes smoothly and I leave the water after only 25'30 to my watch, rather surprised and well motivated to attack the mountain bike. Perfect transition and I attack the course of 32km - 1100D + head on the handlebars. The first kms in the golf course are difficult and I do not stop the "On your left - On your right - Thank you" by doubling a good pack of competitors. The legs are there and the sensations are good, I hydrate well and also eat. After twenty kms, I catch the European champion in my category and I think I have a good shot to play. I continue to go up competitors and attacking the 8 last technical kms of golf, I am announced 4Ăšme amateur scratch. I quickly return to the 3Ăšme and pass before joining the transition area.
I then see the first 2 in the park. After a quick transition, here I go to do the Trail of 9,5km and its 350 D + to take in the first 5 kms!
I decided to leave hard to put myself in a good rhythm and quickly passes the 2Ăšme.
After 2km the Mouflons are euphoric and encourage me by telling me that the 1er is nearby, I see it in the distance, and also the 25 on his calf ... it is in my category ...
I join him and immediately place an attack in a raidar and find myself alone with a few meters in advance. It's only going up and the kilometers are long! I take water at all the refuelings so it's hot ... Finally the top course after 5km and I attack the descending parties. I attack hard without really looking back, I can not see if someone follows me ... I finally arrive on the beach and after a few strides, no one behind. Relief đŸ€€ I am supplemented cooked and even take the time to walk so much the legs are heavy. I enjoy 😛
I enter the finish hall of the golf course between the flags of different countries and finally crossed the finish line! 🏁
It's done, here I am world champion in my category 25-29ans and also world champion Amateur all categories! đŸ„‡đŸ†
It's just huge, me who came for a podium and who had in the corner of my head the optics to win the title in 25-29, I'm served 😛

After a little rest, I'm off to the bike park and see that of Amandine. She left for the Trail 😊👍 I head towards the end of the course and look forward to it. I retrieve it and cross the beach encouraging it ❀.

It is done ✅ we finished our 2Ăšme XTerra World Championship đŸ€™đŸż
A big congratulations to my darling who realizes a super'chrono in Nat 🏊 and take the 74eme place scratch ladies (including Pro) on 240! đŸ˜â€ïž

A big thank you to for energy products, the Apurna sports cake has stalled me!
The cryo sessions we have really benefited! A big thank you to you Maxence and especially to MĂ©dicryo for lightning recoveries (I.e.
Thanks to you Matthieu for flocking Polos and preparation sessions at GetUp Nancy
Thanks to Dijon Singletrack for encouragement and follow-up of the race live you are sick 👍😜
Special thanks My-Sport Jouy arches for shoes Salomon SLab 👍
Thank you to my family and also to my darling AmanDine for his day-to-day support ❀

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