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Nutri-Bay @ XTERRA MAUI Ambassadors - Race Stories and Photos by Amandine Witzmann

The story of Amandine

Back to the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii.
A storm during the week made the ground greasy wish a few days before the race but fortunately the sun quickly reappears.
D-Day: Stress rises by dropping the business in the transitional park located in the Ritz Gardens. We go down to the beach of the departure with the pals mouflons. We all laugh, but the cardio is already starting to shake.
The ocean is calm, finally much quieter than last year. A little blessing ritual and everyone goes online in front of the big blue.
9h00: 1er Coup de canon: the pros are gone! We will have to take his trouble in patience because we leave last, 5eme wave, between girls.
9h20: Here we go! I jump, jump in the waves and I dive below the first not to be carried on the beach. It goes ! The 1er going back is going well, the sensations are good and there are people around me: good sign!
Exit to the Australian and I plunge for the last loop. With a little less enthusiasm I pass the barrier wave and chained my crawl. I am even surprised to catch up with a few people. The Ark of Return is in sight and is getting closer! I hallucinate in passing seeing my swimming time of 32min, my record and with waves more! The encouragement of the crowd carry me to the top of the park to get my bike.
I start the 1ers golf singles with enthusiasm: everything is dry! I start my recovery, it's a real pleasure to be able to "send big". On the middle part, the sun beats and the ribs kill! I leave a little juice and my gourd begins to dangerously empty. I catch a mouflonne and we do some km together, it boosts us well! The throat is very dry and fortunately I can recover a bottle to recharge the batteries. We start the first laces of the end of the MTB course and I slip to take more places. The last kilometers are players, pebble roots, hairpin bends. I have the smile!
Back to the transition park, no cramps but everything will be played now. A little pompote and I left! I hydrate regularly because the heat really makes me suffer. All the 1ere part is uphill, between raidars and little ass, it's very hard, the legs hurt and I alternate walking and running. The forces come back to me little by little and I find a good pace. I follow the step of a girl who has the category number 55ans on the calf, she sends said so!
Arrive the downhill part with passage of trunks, dry rivers, a treat!
The last hill: a road wall announcing the remaining 2kms. I climb to the mind, then quickly chained down the descent that leads back to the beach. There I hear Arnaud encourage me, I accelerate again. The sand, the sea, the last kilometer. All this jostles in my head, the legs start alone. Final stretch to the finish line, I lift my arms happy with my race, proud to have all given and who also signs the end of a long season!
I collapse of exhaustion and tears flow alone!
Chrono of 4h02. 11 / 17 in my cat that was well raised and a beautiful 76eme place on 240 scratch.

A huge emotion when Arnaud Taurelle announces his victory in age category, but also, he signs the best perf amateur and wins an 15eme place with the pros.
Machine 😗

Thank you to all those who have supported us from the other side of the world, to those who believed in us.
Thanks to our sponsors without whom it would not have been possible: Médicryo for cryotherapy ice cream sessions at the top! for the nutrition pack that gave us fishing on the races
GetUp Nancy for center sessions and flocking jerseys
Dijon Singletrack

Another little word for all the mouflons who made a dingo race and especially to my Pauline Aigon who brings us a superb 3eme place in the same category as me 😗😗

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