Maurten Gel 100 Pack (6x40g)

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Pack = 6 gels (i.e. 3,38 € / gel) Energy encapsulated in a natural hydrogel. Constructed with six ingredients - with no added colors, preservatives or flavors. 25g of carbohydrates per serving. Can be used before, during and / or after activity. Announcing the world's first energy gel is ...

Pack = 6 gels (i.e. 3,38 € / gel)

Energy encapsulated in a natural hydrogel.

Built with six ingredients - no added colorings, preservatives or flavors.

25 g of carbohydrates per serving.

Can be used before, during and / or after the activity.

Announcing the first energy freeze in the world is a bold statement. This is however true because technically the traditional "gels" are water and carbohydrates mixed in syrups. The instructions indicate that you should consume them with water.

The GEL 100 is totally different. It is a biopolymer matrix, filled with a mixture of glucose and fructose (ratio of 0,8: 1) that allows an absorption of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

It is constructed using hydrogel technology and constructed with six natural ingredients. It contains no colorants or preservatives and is available in 40g servings containing 60% carbohydrate - a high weight / energy ratio.

Its taste is not very sweet, almost neutral because carbohydrates are encapsulated in hydrogel. So no need to supplement it with water.


Studies have shown that our body can consume up to 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour. Recent scientific studies have shown that the ratio between fructose and glucose of 0,8: 1 allows even greater absorption - up to 100 grams per hour. GEL 100 is developed using this ratio and brings a lot of energy. One serving contains 25 grams of carbohydrates.


100 GEL is based on hydrogel technology. The hydrogel allows for a smooth transportation of carbohydrates through the stomach to the intestine, where water, salt and carbohydrates are absorbed.

How to use the product

Consume the gel a few minutes before, during and / or directly after the activity.


Water, glucose, fructose, calcium carbonate, gluconic acid, sodium alginate

Nutritional information:


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Maurten Gel 100 Pack (6x40g) Maurten Gel 100 Pack (6x40g)
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  • Good product. Used on marathon. Seems to do the trick, but I'm not familiar with the other products

  • Digestible, good texture!

  • Nutri Bay at the top as usual thank you for the responsiveness NunoF

  • I like these products rather neutral in taste, which do not stick to the fingers…

  • Nickel or digestion level. Tested in substantial heat. On the other hand, it makes you thirsty

  • At first glance the texture is surprising. But it's the only surprise as the absorption occurs naturally even after hours of effort. Very nice and good efficiency.

  • The must. Easy to carry and take. Requires a preliminary test before the race, because the first time, the texture can be surprising. We feel the boost effect after taking.

  • No better gels than these on the market… They are taken with disconcerting ease!

  • Gel which seems compact at the first bite but which is diluted well on the tongue and not very sweet. However with a sip of water would be better. I tested the gel during a long training session for the marathon, remains to check the day of the marathon if my stomach will digest well and above all effective? Too bad it was not possible to mix the white and black sachets in the package. The plus is that after the session we do not feel the need for glucose and my stomach had tolerated it well. The price is slightly higher than Overstim but if it is the price of efficiency I buy!!!

  • Maurten is simply what we do best for preparation or competition on half and marathon.

  • Excellent I really appreciated top quality I recommend ??

  • Truly intense hydration. Nothing to do with other disgusting gel and more sugar...

  • The top for long distance races, and the stomach remains intact

  • Once the surprise of the consistency of the product has passed (the jelly-like texture is surprising at first) we let ourselves go to appreciate the very soft taste...and then the energy comes back in a very surprising way!

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Maurten Gel 100 Pack (6x40g)
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