ALVEUS - IceTea BIO Bundle (4x100g bulk)
Discover the 4 flavors of Alveus IceTea BIO tea and save money. A perfect thirst quencher for summer Delicious and refreshing: Alveus® iced tea is a perfect thirst quencher on hot summer days. Enjoy it neat, or in a cocktail, mixed with ...
31.96€ 28.50€
GREEN IceTea BIO (bulk 100g) - Apple-Ginger
Apples are simply a part of summer. This iced tea, irresistible during hot summer days, is born from the alliance of refined green tea, a hint of ginger and a zest of lemon! A perfect thirst-quencher for summer ...
WHITE IceTea BIO (bulk 100g) - Grapefruit-Blueberry
Where white tea meets fruity freshness! The combination of fruity grapes, sparkling lemon and bitter cranberry is thrilling for tea lovers. A perfect thirst-quencher for summer Delicious and refreshing: iced tea ...
RED IceTea BIO (bulk 100g) - Mango-Papaya
Exotic papaya and sweet mango give your taste buds a holiday taste. Lemongrass and mint are perfect refreshments. A perfect thirst-quencher for summer Delicious and refreshing: Alveus® iced tea is a perfect ...
BLACK IceTea BIO (bulk 100g) - Strawberry-Lemon
The perfect balance between fruity and bitterness! The sweetness of the strawberry expertly underlines the powerful aroma of black tea. A slight note of lemon completes this combination of summer flavors. A perfect thirst-quencher for summer Delicious and refreshing: the ...
BEAUTY Greentox Tea BIO (bulk 100g) - Pomegranate-Mint
Green tea is known for its antioxidant effects which positively influence the aging of cells. At Alveus, health also rhymes with pleasure, because the balanced aromas of pomegranate, lime and mint in Beauty teas lead to ...
NIGHT Greentox Tea BIO (bulk 100g) - Coconut-Lemon
With the Night GreenTox®, specially developed by Alveus, you provide your body with exactly what it needs in the evening. The lemon balm and valerian it contains guarantee a relaxed end of the day. The five delicious varieties of teas ...
SKINNY Greentox Tea BIO (bulk 100g) - Lemon
This GreenTox tea will enchant you with its refined and unique aromas of lemon and green tea. The rigorously selected ingredients such as mate which facilitates digestion, antioxidant green tea and draining nettle support and tone ...
SPIRIT Greentox Tea BIO (bulk 100g) - Lime
Take time for yourself. The excellent quality ingredients of this generous tea pamper your taste buds in a very special way. The interplay of white and green teas gently stimulates your senses. The natural components of lemon balm have a beneficial effect and ...
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