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If you are an ultra trailer, our ambassador and coach Guillaume Klein has a message for you !!!


  • Can't express your true potential during your ultra trail events?
  • Do you have doubts about your daily diet but also before, during and after exercise?
  • Do you have health problems related to your practice (injury, digestion, exhaustion, etc.)?
  • Are you prone to stress and find it difficult to deal with parasitic thoughts before and during competitions?
  • Are you no longer progressing, stagnating or regressing?
  • Do you feel lost in front of too much information and do not know how to listen to your body?


And yet ...


  • You wish you could practice your passion serenely for years to come!
  • You no longer want to suffer but rather take pleasure in your practice!


So I have good news for you!

In the next few days, I am giving a 100% free online conference on optimizing health to perform in ultra-trail.

To access it is very simple, just register here:


I will explain in particular:

✅ The 3 mistakes to avoid if you don't want to give up your next race.

✅ How to perfectly manage your stress to perform on D-Day.

✅ The elements that allowed me to go from a sedentary party animal to an expert in ultra endurance in just a few years.

✅ The new way of training based on optimizing your health and listening to your body to practice with confidence.

✅ The 4-step method to progress while having maximum pleasure.

To attend this web-conference, reserve your place now at this address:


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