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Sandra Marianacci explains to us what naturopathy is!

What is naturopathy and how can it help athletes?

The naturopathic approach takes into account the whole person, ie a nutritional, physical and psycho-emotional approach. This aspect is based on 5 fundamentals:  

  1. humor: study of the different liquids, therefore the humors (blood, lymph, etc.)
  2. Causalism: know the cause of the cause of the cause and find the root of the problem
  3. holism: take into account the whole person
  4. Vitalism: allows to accompany according to the vitality of the person and to adapt to what his body is capable of doing
  5. Hygienist: this involves food and physical hygiene, etc.

To be able to best support the consultant, there are 10 techniques, 3 of which are fundamental:

  • Bromatology: nutritional rebalancing of the person if necessary
  • Psychology: takes into account the emotional state of the consultant
  • Physical exercise: set up a routine according to his abilities.

We can use other techniques such as reflexology, herbal medicine or aromatherapy...

However, the athlete must continue to have medical monitoring, osteopathy and / or physiotherapy in parallel. Naturopathy is a complement and not a substitute for any medical follow-up. Therefore, the accompaniment must be done according to an adequate therapeutic alliance.

The idea of ​​a naturopathic follow-up is based on its preventive nature in terms of sports well-being. This follow-up can also be done according to a curative aspect but in addition to the allopathic treatment. It does not replace traditional medicine. In principle, there are different aspects of support and all offer added value to the athlete.

The food aspect is the fundamental basis to fix. It is essential to manage the intake of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins as well as vitamins and trace elements. It is also necessary to be attentive to intestinal disorders which are not uncommon and to prevent this from appearing during competitions.

Proper nutrition therefore boosts performance, recovery and minimizes the risk of injury.

A phase of supplementation is then judicious. This process is based on the use of certain supplements according to the athlete and his needs. In fact, this will go through micronutrition, phytotherapy…

Mental preparation is a tool that is becoming more and more developed and is no longer reserved for the elites. The techniques proposed in cardiac coherence or meditation are easy to put in place once the apprenticeship has been completed by a practitioner. The final objective is to make the athlete autonomous so that he can manage his emotions alone and at any time.

With a view to promoting physical recovery, different techniques are available to athletes: Californian massage, use of essential oils and nutrition.

Finally, naturopathy is also a way to better listen to yourself, to know and anticipate your needs to allow you to make the most of your training and competitions without inconvenience.

Do you want to learn even more about naturopathy? 

Contact Sandra Marianacci founder of Just Natur'it.

Here is his story: 

Sandra Marianacci founder of Just Natur'it.
"Practitioner in Hygiene of life and naturopathy.
Reflexologist and Practitioner in Californian massage and seated Amma.
Specialized in supporting athletes and also in sports nutrition, digestive disorders (including candidiasis), sugar addiction, female disorders.

This job follows a professional retraining.
Previously I was Quality Coordinator in collective catering.

Passionate about sport, especially Trail running, I came to naturopathy to combine my passion for nutrition with that of sport, to make it my job.

It was while practicing trail/cap that I understood the importance of good varied and balanced nutrition as well as good hydration. Prone to injuries, I became interested in natural food supplements to support my body during exercise and thus avoid injuries".

👉For more info:

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