Customer story: a Marathon-Off and a record for my birthday

Hello JC,

Here is a little report of my Marathon-Off in Genval made by Coaching Zone. A personal record (2:45:50) for the challenge that I had set myself.

Running a marathon on my birthday (February 06), but not just doing the queen distance of 42,195km but also beating my personal best of 2h51'36 '' which dates (before the Covid-19 crisis) of December 1 2019 in Valencia (Spain). 

As you know from our discussions in order to better prepare my nutrition protocols (IM preparation, Marathon, Half-Marathon,…) in terms of my nutrition, I have a fairly sensitive stomach.

But thanks to the advice of quality product and the protocol to follow my last IM as well as this Marathon-Off went without digestive problem.  

During this Marathon-Off race, my coach  advised me to start my run at 3'59 / km for the first 30 km. I had the luxury of being accompanied by a few "Zonards" like Pacers, so I only had to concentrate on my running technique and that without having to constantly check my watch. Km after km.

Here is finally the most intense moment of the race, after 30km done in 1h57 'the Coach who was on my bike asks me how I feel? I tell him that I feel like at the 10th km, I was confident and I had been well prepared. He said to me "OK you will be able to add a tooth and be able to accelerate".

Arrived at km 35 I check my watch and the surprise ... a pace of 3'34 / km.

I didn't even dare tell the Coach. Was I overconfident? I don't really know, but what I do know is that I had received suitable coaching and that my efforts and perseverance during training had to make the difference in terms of the stopwatch.

Physically I was in good shape and accompanied by this nutrition protocol, I had enough energy to successfully complete my personal best on this queen distance in 2:45. 

I thank my Coach Christopher Christiaens from home Coaching Zone for the physical part as well as NUTRI-BAY.COM for the follow-up and nutritional service.

 Finally, here is the protocol to share it with your other customers

  • Pre Marathon Nutrition 

            D-10: No more sodas and desserts + drink water regularly 

            D-3: No more fiber and favor carbohydrates + drink water regularly (with Malto) 

           D-Day - Marathon breakfast: eat 3 hours before exercise: Drink Mix 320, Skyr + Muesli + drink while waiting for electrolytes.


  • Marathon nutrition 

Every 3km I took a sip of Drink Mix 320 and every 6km a Gel 100 from home Maurten

Read also:How to set up a nutrition strategy for a marathon? can help you build your "MARATHON Training Pack" personalized containing all the sports nutrition products useful for the optimization of the three phases of the nutritional strategy in Marathon (Before, During, After).

We will compose a pack with you to provide you with energy inputs, maintain a optimal hydration and finally heal your recovery.

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