Race Across Belgium 2021

The RACE ACROSS BELGIUM is an ultra-cycling event unique in Belgium. The 1st edition initially scheduled from Thursday May 13 to Sunday May 16, 2021 was postponed from August 19 to 22, 2021. For this first edition, departures and arrivals were from the Spetz sports complex in Arlon, not far from Nutri's HQ -Bay. The RAB are 3 unique tracks (300km, 600km, 1000km) which take you to visit the most beautiful corners of Belgium. It is also an opportunity to challenge yourself and meet other participants from several countries ... and especially extraordinary volunteers who energetically contributed to the smooth running of the event. 
A first edition of the RACE ACROSS BELGIUM which therefore ends on more than positive notes. This first edition can only improve and progress for the second which will take place in May 2022 ... with, we hope, even more success than this year! 
The 2021 edition in a few figures:
- 64 participants
- nearly 42000 km traveled, i.e. almost a world tour
- more than 500000 m of D +
- 5 days of madness
- doubts ... abandonment ... joy ... solidarity ... courage ... and a lot of determination
- a team of more than 30 people in the organization
- a few hours less sleep ...
A huge thumbs up to Guillaume Klein, entered and FINISHERS on the Race Across France over 2500 km with 30000 meters of D + ...
Guillaume Klein continued with Race Across Belgium just ten days after finishing the RAF. And despite the fatigue still present, Guillaume was able to snatch a place on the podium since he finished 3rd in the 352km (5700D +) in 14:30 pm.
He not only carried the colors of our small company on a benchmark ultra cycling race but above all the values ​​of perseverance, humility and also altruism ... Not to mention the personal experience shared with our ambassador before the race... 
That's why we LOVE them 😍😍😍

A big thank you to Michel Mussot for his incredible investment, without him the RAB would not have taken place ... We hope to see many of you next year, if you dare! 😅
Thank you to everyone: participants, volunteers, families, partners ...
You made a crazy dream come true 🚴😏🇧🇪
Appointment in May 2022 for the second edition of the RACE ACROSS BELGIUM.
Registration October 2021
Need energy and nutritional advice? Visit our blog post created by our ambassador Guillaume Klein during this ultra cycling challenge ( HERE)
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